what is the code for Dallas archive?

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User Info: howhigh89

7 years ago#1
please help i canna get to save my life!

User Info: supernova445

7 years ago#2
If I'm right, there's a clue like that: 6=1

The code is 312, because each number is less that the starting one for 5 counts.(8-5=3,6-5=1,7-5=2)

User Info: Dark_Enig

7 years ago#3
if its a number one then you do not even need the clue. if both of the two circle thingies have numbers on them and you have to figure out for example
_ _ _

just try

etc. (this is just adding 1 to each of the numbers)
Or you could look for the clues in the pictures where as stated it will have something like 6 = 4
what this means is align the two circles so that 6 = 4. Then replace the numbers you are supposed to solve with their equals judging from the 6 = 4 circle.
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  3. what is the code for Dallas archive?

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