Game Informer Info Revealed!!!!!(real)

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User Info: OMGMasterChief

8 years ago#1
From the Assassin's Creed Official Forums:

Sooo I'm looking at the new Game Informer right now, and it tells a few thing but only has one new image, the one we already have, the 5th one.

- You'll have a ton of new weapons to choose from including an axe, a hammer, a mace, a spear, 2 different sword types, a spear axe thing, and 2 smaller blades
- You CAN swim
- Da Vincis workshop is in the game
- Locations include Saint Marks Basilica, The Grand Canal, The Little Canal, and the Rialto bridge.
- The game opens in 1476, Altair is from 1191
- So you do indeed play as a new ancestor of Altair / Desmond
-You will see the countryside of Tuscany
- The "Auditore" family is mentioned
- The main characters name is Ezio Auditore de Firenze
- He is a nobleman of Florence
- Big characters are in the game including Machiavelli, Caterina Sofrza, and Lorenzo de Medici
and thats just what I got from the pictures. I'll let you know more details as I read more.
- Game will feature a new notoriety system that governs how enemy soldiers and people will treat you.
- You can disarm enemies and use their own weapons against them this time.
- each weapon has a special move.
- 16 unique mission types.
- No more ease dropping or pick pocketing missions.
- If you get beat up to much you will need to see a street side doctor to regain ful strength.
- Hidden objects (like flags in the first one) are there to uncover but this time if you track them down you will get in-game bonuses that make it worth your time.
- Items include, flags, statues, and gold coins and more that isnt mentioned.
- New enemy types with unique attitudes and weaknesses are present in the game. Archers are mentioned, as well as elite enemies, dagger wielders, "Brutish" armored troops with heavy armor and 2 handed swords and axes, and an intelligent halberd enemy will probe hiding places with their weapons if they think you're near by.
- While hiding in a hay bail you can assassinate people this time, but it may expose your position.
- You can still climb towers and ride horses
- The Lorendo de Medici assassination is in the game.
- There is now a night and day sequence in the game.
- 240 people are working on this title.

User Info: OMGMasterChief

8 years ago#2

User Info: pyrotechnic2

8 years ago#3
Source : <a href=""></a>

User Info: Azanode

8 years ago#4
Sounds great. Looks like they're making an effort to address all the complaints people had with the first game.
"Because if he had really enjoyed himself, he would have typed it using Good Times Roman!" - Arj Barker

User Info: CyberAltair5

8 years ago#5

This is more then what I expected =\

Flying seems dumb but I love everything else. Except Altair not being there =\

User Info: silentbob7777

8 years ago#6
So are there actual scans allready? (not asking for them btw).. just want fo verify the info.

User Info: linkdarkside

8 years ago#7

that sound good.

User Info: stevieboy14

8 years ago#8
Just to be clear for everyone, it says that you can GLIDE, not FLY. Minor detail, but people could get confused I guess. This game looks like it could be a ton better than the first game, and I loved the first too! =) Here's hoping it's as good as I think it will be.

User Info: joshua_nash

8 years ago#9
first of all i like most of the stuff that has been listed
second no eavesdropping or pick pocketing, sure they where over used but still they were the easiest investigations to do, and happen to have liked those

User Info: veggie530

8 years ago#10
The weapons look f'n sick. And you can swim! That's fricking awesome!
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