"It goes one dot, two dots, one line..." glyph puzzle

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User Info: The_High

7 years ago#1
How in the heck is knowing the numbers helping me at all on this puzzle Shaun? Thanks for telling me what I already figured out.

Anyone know the key to the code here? It's the one where it shows Edison electrocute the elephant. Right after that it's the base 3 code. I don't see a key anywhere in the documents and Shaun telling me that it was a base three system was no help at all. What am I supposed to DO with the base three system?
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User Info: surrealogical

7 years ago#2
If you look at the photo with the car, on the top of the front part, you will see the number '2'. Therefore, 2 = two lines and two dot (or whatever it was). So just align the wheel accordingly afterwards

User Info: Kairi

7 years ago#3
^ I did that, but my sequence number to match is 139, and there is no symbols for 3 and 9. Only the number 1. WTF?

User Info: Sojoph

7 years ago#4
Then there's a pattern. Look at the wheel, and figure out the pattern in order to figure out what's used for the other two numbers.

You'll be doing something like this a lot now. Almost every puzzle after this one that requires that "code wheel" will have at least 1-2 numbers without a symbol, and you'll have to figure the pattern.

I really like the riddles/puzzles in this game. They're clever, fun, and thought-provoking. They aren't too hard, but they're challenging enough to keep things interesting. I'm glad they aren't the pushover riddles we see in most games nowadays.

User Info: Kairi

7 years ago#5
yea yea, 3 base number system. dot, two dots, one line, one line one dot, blah blah blah

i'd not like to spend another 10-15 minutes on this puzzle, i don't find any reward or satisfaction in it. someone please just post the answer. thanks.

User Info: Sojoph

7 years ago#6
Okay, then why do the puzzle at all? And what's with the attitude? You aren't going to get anything out of finishing this one, and you only get the full video after doing all of them, so you're going to have to either commit to them all or quit now.

I'm too far past that puzzle, so I honestly do not remember the answer to that specific one. And the game doesn't officially come out til tomorrow, so a lot of people won't be able to help out until they get to the part. And the people that have the game early probably already past by that specific puzzle, so they might not remember either, or they didn't bother to do the glyph puzzles at all.

So your only choices so far are to figure it out yourself (it shouldn't take 10-15 minutes; it'd take a lot less), quit doing the puzzles entirely (as they will get harder later), hope that someone remembers this thread when they get to that puzzle, or keep this thread bumped somehow until after release date for more of a chance of someone answering. Or if you're only curious about what the video is about and don't want to even do the puzzles, look it up. Hell, I could even spoil it for you.

User Info: Kairi

7 years ago#7
The 'attitude', if there was one that came across to you, was frustration (at the game), if you can try to imagine. Frustration for trying to figure out a puzzle for at least 10 minutes, with no progress. Having to watch the elephant get electroshocked without an option to skip the clip.

As the topic creator also had problems with this glyph, I'm sure others would have, as the in-game character Shaun provides absolutely no valuable insight, which is why i seek advice here. Your initial reply, provided no help beyond what the game has also stated (i.e. finding out the pattern, it's based on 3)

I agree with your other assessment, that this game hasn't been released, and hopefully others will remember this topic and post when they find the answer. My focus is not finding out what the final video is, but to get over this one "hump". The puzzles would be much more enjoyable if more of them had a logical and less obscure direction to them.

User Info: Sojoph

7 years ago#8
Hate to break it to you, but most, if not all, of the glyph puzzles that use the code wheel after this one will be even more obscure. There will be some that are easy to see, but there are a couple that will not be as straightforward. I actually found the ones that require you to find 5 portraits in common out of a set of 10 to be a bit harder.

Anyway, you're gonna have to wait for some kind of walkthrough to go up or you can post the whole thing here, or you can post the whole riddle here and I'll see if I can remember it. Something like...

1) .--
2) ..-
3) ...
etc. etc.

User Info: Sojoph

7 years ago#9
Actually, I just found out I can redo the glyph puzzles. Which one are you on? Like, the location (city and landmark) you found the glyph at.

User Info: __Alienware__

7 years ago#10
Holy ****, i didn't think i ever thought someone would make their username after Kairi
*is jealous*
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