How does the Villa Chest really work?

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User Info: wizaerd

7 years ago#11
I was talking about only the villa building upgrades... Personally I don;t care about feathers, all weapons, all armors, paintings, blah blah blah... Strictly talking about building upgrades... and I still had a ridiculous amount of money available at all times...

User Info: RyanJMcD

7 years ago#12
You get money much faster from the chest. You can walk around and pickpocket for 8 florins a pop, stopping every 3 minutes to lower your noterity. Or you can just get money watching a tv show.

Start putting your money into the villa as soon as you can. Thats where you get most of your money. I am getting like 35,000 florins every 20 minutes.

Your 1st investment should be the bank, as that gives the biggest boost. You might have to steal at first to get the whole thing going, but then it starts picking up pretty quick. the sooner you start putting money into the villa, the sooner you can start getting paid and getting good weapons.
Put 1 or two levels in the bank, then other lvl 1 stuff, since it's cheap, then come back and finish the bank.

Then just stand around in the villa (no one with mess with you) and watch something on tv. Then come back and get your money.

You chest is limited though. you only get 3-4 deposits, then Claudia starts skimming off the top. So Check every hour.
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User Info: Rebelphoenix

7 years ago#13
What I did was purchase the treasure guides, gather up everything I could then when I was able to upgrade I started out by upgrading each shop then renovating the landmarks, then updating the bank and the blacksmith all the way. I have all the town upgrades a few peices of art and some of the weapons. I'm making sure I'm there so I can save up more so I can get all the art availible too me that I can.
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User Info: newuxtreme

7 years ago#14

if ur early on in the game... buy treasure maps, get all the treasures, if ur pickpocketing only do so from the rich not the lower class, ull get 15+ florins all the time, INSTANTLY uipgrade your VILLA BUILDINGS thru ur architect... just keep the game on and hide in a hay stack or not it doesnt really matter, after like 80 mins u'll have morethan enough moneyu to spend on, just spend on ur required weapons and armour, rest buy paintings and **** and basically keep upgradin the villa. ull have money in no time. at first i **** up n was gettin only 2G/20 min, after leanin all the tweaks i was gettin like 14G/20mins.

ALSO get all the CODEX pages and decrypt, install them on your codex wall.

Have fun, this upgradin and etc makes the game so much more fun than just the base storyline.

TIP:for early instant money, find and install all the STATUETTES located in your villa city. IGN's got a great picture guide for that.

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