how do I catch the fleeing templar?

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  3. how do I catch the fleeing templar?

User Info: Blood_Fr3ak

7 years ago#1
I have tried several times to catch him. I am not able to or am I missing something?

User Info: ZeldaFrEEk06

7 years ago#2
I literally just completed that part. I tried one time and he got away, so I just used a couple of throwing knives the second time.
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User Info: inFamousAssasin

7 years ago#3
I managed to catch everyone who flees in those Assassin's Temples first try, try air assassinations.
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User Info: mad_gamer23

7 years ago#4

I think it's almost impossible to catch them before the last stretch of ground (without using throwing knives). At least I thought it was scripted like that, otherwise it's too short and the collapsing of rocks happens without a chase... Anyway, I always managed to jump on them at the very last part of the chase, which is all straight: the path divides in two; the templar goes one way (the flat way) and the other way is a small rising part parallel to the templar's path. On here you can sprint and jump on him as you are close to him (the jump propels you forward a lot too so you don't have to exactly be beside him).

User Info: 11CrimsonRubies

7 years ago#5

I've never been able to catch him. :(\

Does it really make a difference though?

User Info: mad_gamer23

7 years ago#6

If you catch him, the guards won't be alerted and the room will be easier to get through. Otherwise you have to fight them; but even then it's still easy to dispatch them.

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  3. how do I catch the fleeing templar?

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