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is it a hard puzzle to get all the codex pages to make a picture?

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  3. is it a hard puzzle to get all the codex pages to make a picture?

User Info: Blueandwhite87

7 years ago#1
just wondering before i try... i hate puzzels.

User Info: Therazan

7 years ago#2
not at all, do the border 1st, then place it; you know how the final pic will look like, but i think that telling you wil be a spoiler, if you want to know just tell, tho

User Info: JackApostrophe

7 years ago#3
Not at all, if you have all (or even most) of the Codex Pages. If you try to do it as you go through the game it can be a little harder, but still not much more difficult.

User Info: Tyco83

7 years ago#4
Not at all, as Therazan said just align the peices that have a border on them and the rest will hopefully fit into place - can't tell you what it is but you need to think about the big picture!

User Info: tonyhawksP8

7 years ago#5

Blueandwhite87 posted...
just wondering before i try... i hate puzzels.

They are actually not that hard maybe a bit guidance helped me through it.

User Info: M32atDon

7 years ago#6
Look online for a version that doesn't have Eagle eye, that way you can line up all the L shapes.
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User Info: Therazan

7 years ago#7
i had absolutely no difficulty doing it, but if you want advices:
you need to:

1) to align the border
2)whene there are circles with the Assassin's A logo cutted in 2 by the sheet's side turn this sheet and the adjacent to put the circle part together

those 2 steps will put a lot of sheet in the good position, then:

3)make the line continue from sheet well placed to it neighboring sheets

it is truly an image we are all familiar with: i'm sure nearly everyone worldwide who has a lifestyle comfortable enough to have videogames have seen this pisture millions of times since the moment he was born. i reconized it while i had still half the pages missing si i guess it wouldnt be trouble with all the sheets. from this:

4) correct the possible mistake by using your memory

5)take a guess if there is 2-3 adjacent sheet that arent on the good side (i had 1)

User Info: Slyde1052

7 years ago#8


User Info: ironwill117

7 years ago#9
its a bit confusing at first but once you get the edge pieces it gets easy. also if you know your country placements its easier.
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User Info: Epidipnis

7 years ago#10

I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Even after I was told what it was, I had a hard time lining it up.

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  3. is it a hard puzzle to get all the codex pages to make a picture?

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