Beautiful Isabella Quest(ion)

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User Info: Reitema

8 years ago#1

I started the quest by talking to Atilla, I went over to San Juan (or Puorto Rico, wherever it is that they live).

Talked to the Priest as was suggested in the Log, he confirmed that Isabella was afaithful churchgoing chick... no other information forthcoming...fine.

THEN found their house, talked to the husband... yep.. he was a corsair too. Fascinating.

Went upstairs to his bedroom-bound wife (...), talked to her... and now what? No Log change, no hints on how to proceed, when I try to steal anything Salvatore goes **** (wether he's turned his back to me or not) and I get a reputation hit... and all I can do is ask Salvatore if I can pass his wife a note from her family if I want to go up and see her...

What gives? I know I'm spoiled over the years and this game forces me to think for myself from time to time, which is fine, but this is really annoying... Any help please? Thanks!

PS I am hostile with spain, tried buying it off to become neutral and while flying spanish colors still got shot to kingdom come upon entering the dock...

User Info: TripleX113

8 years ago#2
Hei i found out next thing .. .:D after few days - maybe u can do it in a moment didnt know so i didnt try ... so i went to store and there she was .... - so go to store ..:D you will see if something will happen

User Info: TripleX113

8 years ago#3
and then go to church ..

User Info: divaka00

8 years ago#4
SPOILER!!!!!!! Isabella 1.after you talk to her in her bedroom go to the store,you will have to pay her debt to the store-clerk
2.after that go to the church she will ask you to go to Cumana to find a captain who was supposed to bring her brother
3.go to cumana and talk to te shipyard keeper,then to the tavern keeper he will tell you that the captain is not there at the moment so,just go outside and ask any random citizen about the captain and they'll tell you to look at the tavern,when you ask the barkeeper again he'll point you to te captain.
4.Agree to take Isabella's brother back to San Juan. when you get to San Juan there is a short family reunioin and her brother ask you to come visit later
5.wait till evening and go to her house.outside you'll see Salvatore killing her brother and two tugs will attack you.after you kill them remember to PICK UP THE PROMISORY NOTES FROM THE CORPSE of her brother. IF YOU DONT GET THEM YOU CANT COMPLETE THE GUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
6.go back into the house and confront Salvatore,3 guards will appear and you'll have to kill them,then get out of San Juan, SPAIN DOES NOT BECOME HOSTILE TO YOU!!!! You can revisit San Juan anytime you want so dont,worry.
7.go back to Atilla in Bermuda,ask the bar keeper and he'll tell you that Atilla bought a house there.Atilla will ask you to come back in two months.
8.go back in two months to Atilla but MAKE SURE you have a fast ship,full crew and food for at least 15 days.Atilla will tell you that a ship left for Portobelle with Isabella on board.Now here's the trick - try different routes to get to portobelle in 15 days,but you dont actually need to reach the city when you are in sea close to Portobele just enter sea mode and the pirate brig will be there.DONT SINK IT!!!!.You have to board it and rescue Isabella.IF you didn't take the promisory notes then she wont go with you and the guest is over.IF you did then she'll become your passanger.
9.enter Portobelle and start entering every house.In one of the houses two tugs will confront you. but Salvatore is not there...
10.go to San Juan to Isabellas old house and kill a couple more tugs but Salvatore is not there....
11. take Isabella to Belize to her cousin
12 go back to Bermudas and talk to Atilla. It turns out Salvatore was in Belize so hurry back to Isabellas cousni and she'll tell you that Isabella is missing.
14.go outside to the jungle and you'll find a body of dead's Isabellas servent.Isabella is actualy in a cave nearby rescue her and kill salvatore the get her back to her to her and she'll agree to marry you and tell's you to meet her in San Juan in a month
15 when you get to San Juan go to her house she'll tell you to meet her at church the next morning.
16 go to the church the next morning and get married(you will have to kill two tugs).
17 go to the governor to get approval and go back to your new house.
18 congratulations you are now married to Isabella. it will cost you 10 000 every month HAHA............
19 quest log doesnt' go away perhaps there is something more to do but haven't got to there yet......

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