Nice Q&A on several Frequently Asked Questions

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User Info: Reitema

8 years ago#1

Found this on the russian Seaward forums... thought I'd share it up here. I didn't make it; that was apparently a joint venture between game devs and gamers... enjoy.

FAQ from Russian Developers and gamers.

Q: Where is Des Mojnes?
A: Close to Maracaibo (you have to land on Cape of Delusive Hopes).

Q: I faced a problem in Edward Law's quest! When I had come to Cumana, I found that Low is on a brig. Then I re-loaded, bought better ship, and came to Cumana fully equipped. But now there is no either Edward Low, or any log in the my questbook.
A: Bought the better ship - that's a mistake. The pirate is coward and will not appear, if his opponent has an equal or forcer ship. 5-6th ship grade is the right choice for this purpose.

Q: I can not find the quest about "beggars". In what city can I get it?
A: In the Main city of your nation. There you should talk with Oliver Trust. You can meet him on the streets.

Q: Where can I get "Bluebird" quest?
A: The quest to be given by a random store owner. Search for the corresponding log in your dialogs with them.

Q: I have run away from the island taking Spanish ship. What to do now?
A: Now you are absolutely free in your actions/wishes. There are many interesting quests. But in the very beginning you'd better to develop skills of your hero.

Q: I have complete mess in game interface. The main menu is caused on F1, I cant walk, cant open anything etc. What to do?
A: Probably, you moved savegames which are linked to a game profile. Set game options by default and save game after that.

Q: Where can I find a key for a chest which is on a balcony (Blood Character)?
A: It's on a coffee table (ground floor).

Q: I cant equip a musket. Why?
A: Musketeers can use musket only.
There is an officer in the game who can use a very special musket. But you will be able to employ him, after you fulfilled his quest.

Q: I've chosen Blood Character. I killed all the Spanish in a city. Nobody is in the city now. What's the next?
A: You should go to the shipyard and talk with officers there. They run away as you did, and now they'd like to join you.

Q: I cant come in the shipyard! It's locked!
A: Look for another way. Through the sea.

Q: Where can I find the requested weapon I need for a bine?
You can find it inside of some houses. There are also other places at this location.

Q: Quest "Kill all the beggars"! Where can I find "the right beggar" to talk with and get the next mission hint? No one either on the streets, or in the houses. Learned nothing in a tavern.
A: All the beggars appear afternoon only.

Q: Is the contract on killing all the beggars the beginning of the main quest of the City of Abandoned Ships?
A: The quest of the City of Abandoned Ships is definitely linked to beggars. So you should decide - kill them or not.

Q: How to search for usurers' stones?
A: Search along footpaths, walls, borders of location. The icon with a hand will appear on your screen when you're at the right place. Stones should be visible, but hardly. You can also get rid grass off (switch it off in game options).

Q: I've left quested frigate on the parking, so that to get rid penalties off. Then I bought a caravel - no penalties. OK. I opened at ship interface and found that it costs me 20 000 a month as a salary for my crew. But in the payment day I have been asked by 330 000 !!! What's wrong?
A: Probably all your bad/old debts (unpaid salaries for previous months) were transferred to the next month.

Q: Why there is such a huge difference between purchase/selling prices? To purchase ship I have to pay about 50 000, but after that I can sell it only for 400?
A: That's because of penalties in your trading skill. They appear if you use ship which doesn't fit your navigation skill. Take the ship with a lower grade or employ high-skilled navigator.
Or just because your trading skill is too low. Then you'd better to employ high-skilled treasurer.

Q: Where can I find a key lost by Chad Kapper in the City of Abandoned Ships?
A: On a random ship, in a random place, but on the main deck only.

Q: Is it allowed to pass piracy and national mission simultaneously?
A: NO. You have to complete all the missions for your nation before the Panama take over suggested by Henry Morgan. Otherwise national quests become inaccessible.

Q: Archipelago is too big. I cannot find the island/town required. What to do?
A: You can buy detailed archipelago map at street traders or store owners. It randomly appears in their list-price.
You can also press button Tab while you're on the global map. It makes your camera free, so that you are able to move it wherever you want.

Q: All my PIRATES competences are reduced (in brackets is written (-X)). How to get rid it off?
A: There are several reasons for such penalties:
- Your ship grade doesn't fit your navigation skill
- Weight of things in your inventory might be higher than it's allowed
- Your health became worth (check your health-bar at F2 interface. If it's just good, not perfect, than you should avoid fighting for some period of time until your health restored).

Q: The governor has given a quest to kill bandits in jungles. But I cant find them. Why?
Walk once again, check all the locations. Bandits also move among locations.

Q: The governor has given a quest to find a spy in a city.
A: There are two possible scenarios:
1) He's on the streets - then a corresponded log appears in dialogs with citizens
2) Absence of such a log means he's definitely inside a house ( any house (!), any room (!) ).

Q: The governor has given the task to find smugglers. Where are they?
A: Their representative sits in a tavern. You should talk to him and appoint a meeting (you must have goods which are illegal on this territory).

Q: How to pass a governor's quest "to destroy a pirate"?
A: Use function "reach to" on the local sea map. You'll find several boats around. Check each of them using "reach to". Usually the pirate change national flag to the pirate's one when you're close to him. But sometimes it doesn't happen. So you'd better to additionally check each captain talking to him on the main deck of his boat.

Q: I get the order to destroy La Vega, but how can i do this?There isnt any fort to attack.
A: You should press Enter button being in the location of town's gate. There is an option like "think about..." Press it and see a log like "take over the town" or " attack the town" or so on...

Q: I wonder how can I get to Henry Morgans house?
A: If on Jamaica - Through the door. The house with collumns. Pass by tavern and store moving away from the sea and turn leftward.
If you mean his residence on Antigua - through the city underground. His secretary should tell you this. Find a small cellar entrance between the side walls of two houses.
A TIP: You will not need to go through tis labyrinth back to the streets: outside you may get through the door.

Q: How to steal in a city which is hostile to the hero's nation?
A: 1)You can buy the trading licence of the nation (diplomat in pirate town->tavern), then set the proper flag (if you have the corresponding perc), then moor at the city port or at a bay/coast near the city (in this case you have to get to the city through jungles).
2) Same actions without licence but having well developed stealth skill.

Q: Where can I buy a Man-of-war? There is no it in shipyards' list-price!
A: That's right. There isn't. You can take over the Man-of-war in battles only. You can meet such a ship within squadrons that attack towns or within the big flotillas on a global card.

Q: Where can I get the Ascold quest?
A: A random store owner asks you to bring a mummy ashes.

Q: Where can I get Isabella quest?
A: The Bermudas, Atilla.

Q: Where does the piracy quest-line start?
A: You should talk with captain Goodly (Puerto-Prinsipe) or Bermudas Governor.

Q: Is the pyramid of Indians open now?
A: Yes it is. It's a part of the Ascold quest.

Q: Isabella has been stolen. I've found just a dead body of her servant. Where should I look for Isabella now?
A: She's in a cave in jungles. The cave looks like a mine.

Q: I was heated by the Flying Dutch. Now I am alone at the coast. No ship, no money! What to do?
A: You should get to the closest town. There you have to earn money (take a governor quest or steal some things from houses' chests etc), so that you're able to buy a boat.
You can agree with smugglers (tavern) about transportation to another island (in this case you also need money, as transportation is not free).

Q: I can not find a treasure! What's wrong?
A: 1) If you came into the right cave the treasure's map would disappear from your inventory. In addition there will be a log on your screen "a treasure somewhere nearby". If nothing out of those things has happened, then it's a wrong cave, look for another one.
2) If the map has disappeared, check all the chests in the cave.

Q: Where can I find the mummy ashes?
A: A random street trader sells the mummy ashes. Ask each of them about the ashes until he/she refuses to deal with you. Finally you will find the right person, who'll sell you the ashes after you asked him 5th time.

Q: Where can I find/collect damned pearls?
A: Take the quest from governors to protect a town from a skeletons attack. Each death of skeleton will automatically generate random quantity of pearls in your inventory.

Q: How to prevent/reduce my crew losses during a boarding?
A: First of all, you should have enough of medicines and weapon at your ship. Appointed officer-doctor which has percs: "doctor" and "life-saver". It also helps to reduce losses.

Q: I faced a problem/bug with the nation relationship. The nation's relationship to the hero has shown as friendly, but a fort shoots at me and soldiers attack my hero.
A: There is a difference between nation-hero relationship and nation1-nation2 relationship. If fort shoots at you that means nation of your hero is hostile to the nation fort belongs to. And/Or flag on your ship belongs to a hostile nation. In this case the hero isn't a friend but just a representative of a hostile nation. You'd better to use flag of a nation-friend or flag of a nation this town belongs to. Of course to change flags you need the corresponding perc within hero's personal abilities.

Q: What is the patent? How can I get it?
A: The patent is a confirmation that your hero works for the certain nation. You can get it after you fulfilled several quests of one governor, or you can buy it in any pirate town (diplomat in tavern). Having the patent you're able to start corresponding national quest-line. The quest-line to be given by a governor-general.

Q: How to get and use the trading licence? I've bought the trading licence, but a fort shoots me anyway.
A: You can buy the trading licence in any pirate town (diplomat in tavern). To properly use the trading licence of the hostile nation you have to set flag of this nation or flag of the nation-friend.

Q: How can I become the owner of a captured town? I killed all the soldiers in a city, then I killed governor's guards, but there is no corresponding sentence in dialogue with the governor.
A: You can capture towns after you completed national/piracy quest-line. Or you should break/ruin the quest-line, so that a governor-general refused to deal with you. Then towns taking over becomes available.

Q: I did nothing, touched nobody, but suddenly a log "your reputation has gone down..." appeared. What happened?
A: The reputation aspires to the medium level. So it will go up or down (depends on your current status - you're extremely bad guy or vice versa), if your hero does nothing out of actions that usually influence on the reputation.

Q: A pirate has suggested to meet on the board of his ship. The corresponding record has appeared in my logbook. But I cant find his ship around the port. There is no his ship name in the list when I use option "reach to". What to do?
A: Sometimes it is impossible to reach the ship directly from port location. Check all the bays/coasts/beaches around the island and there try "reach to".

Q: A strange man has approached to me on the street and suggested to meet in a cave/dungeon. Should I go?
A: It's up to you. That's a beginning of a difficult, but quite profitable quest. If you decided to pass the quest you should follow the man (if possible, as sometimes the cave is in jungles and you have to find it by yourself), so that to meet him (sometimes them!) at the above mentioned place. If you missed at least one meeting you ruined the quest. There're 6 towns where you can meet such strange guys:
- Fort-de-France,
- Marigo,
- St. John's,
- Santa Catalina,
- Panama,
- Cartagena

Q: How to find a unique shipyard where I can improve characteristics of my ship?
A: On the Bermudas.

Q: Where is Fort Orange?
A: On Jamaica.

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