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User Info: Rolen74

8 years ago#1
They've released the first demo for this game and they said that they'll release a new demo every month until the full game is released.

Download it here (download, unzip, then put in your GAME folder):

1. Check the boat for a Healing Herb

2. Walk around until you get into a battle.

3. As soon as you have 120G go in the town and talk to everyone, then buy the Spear at the shop.

4. Walk around and level up as quickly as you can.

5. When there's about 15 seconds left run over to the Evil castle to win. If you need to heal then press the Square button to use the Healing Herb.

Map #2
1. Check the boat for a Healing Herb.

2. Go inside the castle and talk to everyone.

3. Walk over to Town #1 and talk to everyone there too. If your timer ever gets low then use the Statue to reset the clock for a price (be careful, the price rises the more you use it). If you can afford the Sword or Armor then buy them.

4. Walk back to the castle and talk to the two soldiers there and they'll join you!!!

5. Now you can either walk around and level up or you can go up to the swamp and find the Treasure that's in the cave for some quick Gold. *Warning* you walk very slow in the swamp, so if you you need to get back to town quickly then hold the X button to run (uses up HP).

6. When you feel like you're ready it's time to head towards Town #2. If you go across the bridge you will be attacked by a mini-boss, so if you can't handle him then go the long way around the swamp.

7. When you get to Town #2 talk to everyone and buy the Shield in the Item Shop

8. Go back to Town #1 and talk to everyone again. One guy should give you a Helmet now!

9. Level up and when you feel you are ready go to the Evil Castle and beat the boss.

User Info: RevolverSaro

8 years ago#2
thank you.
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User Info: Amherst_Wind

8 years ago#3
Nice, I had played it and I think its awesome, I didnt know some of those things like the Knights joining you. I cant wait to play all the different game styles.
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User Info: dmthomas

8 years ago#4
Cool! I didn't know about the soldiers or the helmet!

This game is amazing. We should post times. I played it for a while and got 25 secs on the First map. And my shortest and longest times on the Second map were 1.5 minutes and 6.5 minutes. But maybe with the soldiers and the helmet and the X running, I could make more gold for more resets.

It would be neat if this game had some method of leaderboards.

User Info: SamBizzle

8 years ago#5
Wow, thanks a million for the download link! I'll check it out ASAP; seems awesome!

User Info: Lleonard_Pler

8 years ago#6
Nice demo! I can't wait for the full game, it looks amazing.

The soldiers at the castle join once you buy the Sword from Town #1.

To get the helmet, you must talk to the old man at the right part of Town #1, then to the young man at the right part Town #2 and then back to the old man in Town #1.

My best time in Map 2 is 1:38, level 16 and with complete equipment.

User Info: angel14995

8 years ago#7
Best score on map 2 - lv 14, no helmet. 1' 11" 62. IT can easily be beat.

User Info: angel14995

8 years ago#8
Map 1 - Lv 4, 21"76. Have fun racing that.

User Info: angel14995

8 years ago#9
My Walkthroughs:

Map 1:
1. Get the herb from the boat.
2. Run around in the grass for 20 GP
3. Buy the Spear
4. Run around in the immediate vicinity (2 squares max) until level 3
5. Heal up and start toward the castle. You should get in at least 1 more battle, pushing you to level 4. This battle should happen on it's own, don't force it.
6. Fight the boss. If you get low on HP, hit the herb button. You should beat it pretty quick.

Using this method, I got about 21.60 for 2 of my times. See if you can improve it.

Map 2:
1. Get the herb from the boat.
2. Run north to the little town, ignoring the castle for now.
3. When near the castle, start farming for GP until you have 200+ GP.
4. Go to the town and buy the sword.
5. Go to the castle to the south and get the guards.
6. Go back north to the small town, fighting as needed.
7. Reset your time at the statue. If you can buy the armor, buy it. If you want it, farm for it.
8. Go to the east to the bridge. You should be a decent level by now. You can easily defeat the boss at level 10 or so if you use the herb and have no armor.

a. When you enter the first town initally, talk to the old man on the right.
b. When you reach the second town, talk to the kid(?) on the right.
c. Return to the first town and talk to the old man to get a helmet.

9. Either train up or bum rush the dude. He should go down fairly quickly if you have low HP loss from 0-1 battles.

I can get around 1 minute using this method. Again, refine. Level 13 @ 1'02.19

User Info: angel14995

8 years ago#10
New Record - Map 1, 14.85.

This takes a bit of time to understand how to do, but it works really well -

1. Get the herb
2. Run around in the forest exactly 1 square away from the town until you get into a fight.
3. Fight the pig and get 30 GP. Level up to level 2.
4. During the battle, mash O so that you go in the town immediately after the battle.
5. Heal up, and buy the Spear.
6. Head towards the castle ASAP.
7. Near the castle you should get a random battle. You will go down to about 24 HP. Don't worry, you will level up twice off of this.
8. Run to the castle and fight the boss, healing when in the red.

Using this method you should get 18> seconds.
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