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Turtle and hermit Question

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User Info: Shiyan2002

7 years ago#1
Anyone know how to defeat the Sage on this Quest ?
Quest:23 Turtle and hermit.

User Info: Nasada19

7 years ago#2
Level up more. To like 55.
I hate Persona 4

User Info: takopus

7 years ago#3
1. get both hermit's students gifts, so hermit will launch a lot of fireballs
2. levelup till you reach lvl39, NOT more!
3. go reset time. it would be best to have enough money to reset time again in future (you can count in 50 coins you will get from hermit)
4. go train with him, but run away to the left side of the... umm... battlefield constantly. your goal is to stay on this screen, not running away completely and not attacking hermit himself
5. do so till there will be 4 seconds left on the timer. attack hermit then. you will levelup to 55-60+ level instantly.
6. go reset timer and attack him finally.

User Info: Shiyan2002

7 years ago#4
Thanks That helps a lot. :D Any Tips what gears to use? Heavy stuff so i dont get pushed back or all speed so i can rush to him faster?

User Info: takopus

7 years ago#5
I don't remember and i don't believe it really matters here: you will have your 'sucky hero' rating anyway, and i doubt you will be able to levelup too far beyond 50 mark. My limit is 55, someone in the site got 64th level and i have not a slightest idea HOW COME: hermit challenges you as soon as you reach level 40, and he fires his fireballs at constant rate, so being pushed back or rushing doesn't make any difference, since you will hit roughly same quantity of it.

User Info: redemptioner

7 years ago#6
i beat hermit by getting only 1 of the food items for him
you can fight him very fast by dashing to him and using herbs to replenish your health
getting only 1 food item levels you more slowly, but allows you to level up beyond 40
so i leveled to like 50+, and equiped heavy armor (you need armor so you wont get blown away by his shots)

btw, the equipment you get from him sux
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