"Beat" Survival mode?

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User Info: MechaVaran

7 years ago#1
How do you do it?

I just went in with Night Watcher to unlock some stuff, made it up to 50 before I died and got nothing.

I assume the enemies just keep coming, but there is a certain amount you have to kill to "beat" it and unlock things?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: DarkLordHiro

7 years ago#2
to beat Survival you have to beat 100 enemy. Once you get past 80 or so you start to battle the Alt Costumes of the characters. I believe you can unlock the unlockables on easy it that helps. I unlocked Karai's Alt Costume on easy. Hope this helps.
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User Info: RWoolf

7 years ago#3
Try tag teaming with two people.
I am trying with Foot Soldier and night.watcher.
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User Info: SpitfirexXxXx

7 years ago#4
I posted a way to do it in the cheats section but they didn't accept it. They'd rather accept codes that don't exist.

Here's what I put though

This works with any character. Stand in front of where the enemies are spawning in the dojo and face the wall. The second they spawn use the wall grab on them. This will KO most of them instantly. As it progresses you may need to hit them again to KO them. Just make sure you block so they don't stun when they get up. Be careful with Night watcher and Donatello, their reach will cause problems. Make sure to stay blocking and dodging if they manage to escape or more then one spawns. Keep doing this and you should win in no time.
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