Anyone use Logitech Dual Action?

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User Info: Hallucinogen

8 years ago#1
Looking for settings with this gamepad.

User Info: charlie98031

8 years ago#2

Set it up however you want under "analog gamepad". It works great, the keyboard "sucks".

User Info: xyzabcde

8 years ago#3
Your solution:

User Info: wanderz

8 years ago#4
here, let me post the same response to that same response about having someone watch the video.. and by the way there was another topic with the same question already.

instead of wasting ~2 minutes of your life watching the video, you can look at the links in the description, because that's all the video actually says, but takes 2 minutes to do it.

i haven't actually checked the web sites they link to, especially considering they are 'tinyurl' addresses, which means they could be almost anything.. and are against the ToS to post here.

at that rate you probably could have just used a search engine for "nfs shift logitech dual action setup"
i have the same controller, tho it's still sold in multiple stores so i'm not sure it's "old" works great for me, but i don't use the look keys since i play from external view... and if i did i'd probably set them to the cross pad not analog, the right analog is my gas / break, left is steering.. basically the common dual action / ps2 setup i'm used since GT 3 on ps2.

i would think you can adjust the settings under game options, i changed mine manually for the controller, but again wasn't looking for the look buttons.
Am i the only one that finds it odd that there were cars over 20 years ago that got more then 50 mpg, and now they brag about 30 mpg? And mpg still drops.

User Info: jh32uk2

8 years ago#5
Never seen anything so stupid in my life.

Accelerate and Brake on buttons with simply on/off function !

That means no variable acceleration or braking (Analogue).

Even the rest of buttons are set up a joke.

Just set it up yourself as custom controller.
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