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User Info: params7

7 years ago#1
Why is my controls menu disabled? I want to setup my dualshock 2 (PS2-PC USB adapter) but I can't even select the controls menu.
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User Info: custombimmer

7 years ago#2
Yeah everyone's is like that, if the controller doesn't work when you start the game it prolly won't. There is something on the ea forum about editing the registry to trick the game into thinking it is a different controller.

Im not sure what they did but my controller worked in beta now it doesn't. Having said that i find the keyboard better, so i can drink a beer and race at the same time.
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User Info: rrkusa1

7 years ago#3

theres a really good program for ps3 controllers that works great its called (motioninjoy gamepad tool )you install that then set it to 360 paddle setting it tricks the ps3 works great once its installed all you have to do is press the ps botton and the ps3 controller comes you have a bluetooh wireless adapter for your pc you can use the ps3 controller wirerless

User Info: Wonko_the_Sane9

7 years ago#4
I have an official xbox360 controller which for some reason the game doesn't seem to be registering. Any1 have any suggestions?

User Info: Wonko_the_Sane9

7 years ago#5
Ok and now it seems to be working all of sudden for no reason. Any1 have a list of what buttons does what?

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