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User Info: Braveorc

7 years ago#1
Is there any kind of multiplayer in this game?
I played a lot the boardgame version but i would like to know if on the ps3 we can play online or 4 player on the same tv?
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User Info: prinny_reborn

7 years ago#2
It does up to 4 people online but only 1 player offline though. :-(

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User Info: TwosWild

7 years ago#3
Why the hell is there no offline?! This is exactly the kind of game that needs offline play! So stupid. I'd explain myself more clearly but I'm more angry than anything. I was hoping I could get this instead of paying $30 for the actual board game. Guess not.
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User Info: Eldar_Shield

7 years ago#4
Probably because you wouldn't be able to hide your cards from other players on the same tv, but what do I know. :)

User Info: WhyNotAl

7 years ago#5
^lol...that's actually quite the excellent point.
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User Info: HoIlywood

7 years ago#6
that's exactly why, also victory points, BUT it'd still be fun!
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User Info: Rathje

7 years ago#7
I'd give up the option of hiding my hand in favour of playing with my friends locally. At least the option would be nice, even if they had to neuter it.

User Info: Eldar_Shield

7 years ago#8
Why? A lot of the fun comes from hiding your cards, like when playing the robber on someone for example. If you just want to play locally why not pick up the actual board game?

User Info: rawchief

7 years ago#9
The actual board game is more fun then this game due to the fact you can use psych strategies easier. The closest you get to that online is by shoving a big colored hand on a space... real subtle..

User Info: Viewtiful_Jon

7 years ago#10
or you can turn voice chat on, I played a game a couple of days ago where everyone had mic's and although not the best was still usefull for trades and stuff
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