This game is amazing

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User Info: chilipepperman

4 years ago#1
I just wanted to say this is my favorite multiplayer shooter, and I wish I had a 360 earlier in its cycle so I could have enjoyed the Vietnam expansion when people played it a lot. As it is though, it is still really fun, and I usually get games that are 7x7 or more on conquest.

I will be keeping this game probably until I decide to get a next gen console whenever that is. I fire it up at least once a week, I love this game :)

User Info: Chrispy3367

4 years ago#2
Don't worry too much about missing out on Vietnam. It was cool to look at, but gameplay wise the maps were terribly unbalanced as were the guns. No point in using anything other than the AK/M40/M60/PPsH.
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User Info: ImTigs

4 years ago#3
I can't find any games on Xbox. I have all updates and VIP Packs, looking everywhere for info but I can't find any. Need some help

User Info: meganfox1141

4 years ago#4
Same here it says "No games available" anyone know if they shut down the servers at last?

User Info: sknmak

4 years ago#5
They were working for me recently, but I've been playing on the PC as well.
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User Info: sithgod513

4 years ago#6
yeah I love this game, I have it on 360 and pc, and just a min ago I bought it on ps3, havent played it yet because its still downloading so who knows how the servers will be on the ps but I hope I can get a good HC conquest on arica harbor its my fav, also yeah I love vietnam, havent played it in ages but when it first came out I was tearin it up.
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