How to make money fast in RDR

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User Info: TAC_Dropzone

7 years ago#1
Once you can do West Dickens quests (when you see a W on the map... start his quest line.

Once you get far enough ( not too far in) you open a quest in Armadilo. The quest is a question mark and is behind the movie theatre (old church) in town.

Start the quest and go to Thieves Landing, be sure to have $200 on you. Play Dice to win the deed for the quest.... usually you can only bet $20, but if the quest is active you can bid $200. The dice game is easy, I have not lost yet, and I made 10 grand for me, and 10 grand on my sons game for him.

Do not leave the table and save until you are happy with your winnings. You win $600 per win.

Other good money makers....
Kill cougars and sell the items (claws, fangs, pelt, meat) it ampount to almost $50 per cougar.
Kill bucks, not as good as cougars, but still good.
Kill hawks, $5 per feather.

User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

7 years ago#2
What are the best things to spend your money on?

User Info: C ICE

7 years ago#3
Interesting. Thanks for the tip, TC.
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User Info: Sins-of-Mosin

7 years ago#4
Nice tip, I'll keep it in mind.

User Info: yesiamhuman

7 years ago#5
thanks for tip! I was seriously expecting this to be filled with spoilers since its a very eye catching topic title..
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User Info: Rossard

7 years ago#6
Tagging this. Thanks for the tip, TC.
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User Info: TAC_Dropzone

7 years ago#7
You can buy weapons, maps of areas for fast travel, buildings/rooms, rides via stagecoach, items like apples for horses, bait for hunting. You can also buy horses, but I would not, its expensive, and you can just go catch the fastest horses.

Do Bonnie McFarlanes quest line until you get a laso. Then catch a good horse (pure black, pure white, or the one she lets you keep... it is gold) these are 3 star horses. They sell for $750 to $1500 depending on your fame. Be sure to hitch your horse after you catch it to make the horse your permanent ride.

User Info: dgenerationx08

7 years ago#8
I will also be taggin this, Thanks TC good info right here.
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7 years ago#9
Very useful for when I get the game here on Friday.

Thanks a lot TC :)
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User Info: C ICE

7 years ago#10
Feel free to give us any other pointers while you're at it. >_>
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