do you do the stealth knife execution?

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User Info: Shad0wCK

7 years ago#1
I'm enjoying the sneak aspect of the game but it's annoying me how I don't know how to do the stealth knife execution.

This is what I do:

* Whilst crouching, I equip my knife and I lock onto the guy.
* Whilst locking and crouching, I sneak right behind him.
* When when I'm right behind him I press RT. (Still locking)

John doesn't seem to understand that I want to execute him and simply slashes the guy. This usually ends with me alerting the whole gang and me banging my head on the wall in frustration. Can any of you guys shed some light on this please?

Also, how do you stop your horse from following you? It's sweet that it wants to be with me but the horse is acting like a lighthouse. It attracts the attention of the bandits making it near impossible for me to sneak.
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User Info: RamieV

7 years ago#2
Throw your knife.
The Game. :)
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User Info: SpitfirexXxXx

7 years ago#3
You hitch your horse to stop it from following you.

As for the knife thing I have no idea. I've done a stealth kill once and I tried again and he didn't do it. I was standing when I did it though.
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User Info: OGInS

7 years ago#4
I always hold Y when dismounting, habit from doing it in GTA4 to turn off the car engine when getting out, and it never follows me.

User Info: MBXfilms

7 years ago#5
I can't do the "slit throat" thing to tied up people either.

User Info: lunarsword

7 years ago#6
there is no stealth kill with the knife to my knowledge, only with the throwing knives you get...and even then i dont think they insta kill outside the quest that gives you them.
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User Info: Starks70

7 years ago#7
Try standing just before making your first attack. If your crouching the stealth move may not work due to the animation.
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User Info: ccfccp

7 years ago#8
correct.. in order to slit throats on people who are not hog tied you must stand up, be behind them, and have the knife equipped (of course hurr durr)
for hog tied people crouch near their dome with the knife equipped then slash them ( you will proceed to lift them by the hair and slash the throat)
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User Info: jimmy1398

7 years ago#9
Stealth kill - Stand behind the enemy, target them and attack with knife. If you're standing in the right place you get a throat slit animation. You can do this even if they have seen you, you just need to be behind them (I've done it several times on people running away from me).

Hogtie kill (since someone asked) - You need to be crouched next to the enemy. Again, just target them and attack with the knife.

User Info: BP_Dosu

7 years ago#10
Oh snap, I need to try this. It's amazing how many little things like that are in this game that, of course, rockstar would never actually tell you how to do them.
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