How To Cheat At Poker And Never Get Caught *STICKY*

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User Info: IMYST3RYI

7 years ago#1
Requirements - Elagant Suit, Obtained from Thieves Landing
When cheating it can be very simple, but can be very costly if you get caught. When you are caught you will be challeneged to a dewl, and lose all the money you have won at the poker table, plus your Buy in money.

With this guide i will tell you how to become a force to be reckoned with at the Poker Table
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dealing: When you start the game, John Starts dealing the cards first, you are going to have to cheat in order to get a 3rd card,(Which will be your Cheat Card) but what people don't know is this is the only time you want to take a card from a full deck. There is a lot more risk involved when taking a card from the deck, Because, You have all the cards, and all eyes are on you, And the hash mark is harder to keep in the middle. So only take cards From the deck at the start of the game, and dont take anymore from the deck After that.
Changeing out Cards: This is the easiest part, When it is your turn press Y to cheat, then pick what card you want to change out the left or the right. When taking the right bumb right on your thumb sitck, automatically a Hash mark for the ballancer will be on the far right side, keep the stick to the right utill the Hash mark is in the middle of the ballancer, and keep it there. Vise Versa for the left side only the Hash mark will start out on the right side. NOTE: Be smart when changing out cards, do it to much, and it becomes harder to ballance out the hash mark, which will end up with you being caught, (Try limiting it to one cheat per hand if possible.)
Folding: When you are going to fold look at your cards. Are you folding an Ace or a King? Well before you do make sure you change it out with your cheat card so you have the best cheat card possible, then fold your hand. (Use this method to keep yourself from taking cards from the bottom of your deck when Dealing, Its easier to ballance, and gives you less chance of being Caught) It also puts you in the best possition for the next hand of Poker.
Knowing When To Change Out Your Cards: Never change out your cards until the last community card is delt on the table ( You never know when sombody will fold and you lose your Valuable cheat card) This will also keep you on the down low because you arent changing out cards every play, which means you will be in the clear.
Using my method, i have not lost a game of poker. If you liked my guide please place a sticky on it as it will be much appriciated.

Also if this guide helped please leave a message and tell me =)

User Info: gamester091

7 years ago#2
Weird. The Royal Ludroth is like a pet dog. Rolls around on land and occasionally gets spit on the floor.-ssj4warrior

User Info: dreza

7 years ago#3
Not bad information, more common sense than anything (granted not much of that going around).

User Info: Renamon

7 years ago#4
*not requested*

Seriously, people want stickies for every little thing anymore....

If you threw a topic together in a few minutes, it's not sticky worthy.
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User Info: Epoptic

7 years ago#5
Not sticky worthy.
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User Info: evildarkscot

7 years ago#6
i wont request a sticky but i think u should make this a faq instead
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User Info: chicagogr81

7 years ago#7
Why even bother cheating? Just learn to play like a pro and it isn't necessary to win.

User Info: Fireunlimited

7 years ago#8
Well what would you rather have?
A simple Sticky Topic explaining how to cheat and possibly increase chances to win at poker?

Or a insane barrage of topics all dealing with poker, asking how to cheat at it and/or people constantly *****ing that they can't win against the AI?

Just saying...
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User Info: MACMOORE420

7 years ago#9
: )
GameFAQs is serious business...

User Info: Insanity_184

7 years ago#10
hmm it might be more sticky worthy if u added in a small how to play pomker section, i know those questions are getting slightly annoyying
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