Adjusting the camera angle

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User Info: A-l-g-r-e-n

7 years ago#1

Anyone knows if it'll be possible? From the look of the trailers, you can shoot from various camera angles, but I don't know if it depends on whether you're behind cover or not. Like in this:

If you look at the shooting angle in 0:21 thru 0:24, it looks a lot like the camera angle in Uncharted 2 and Gears of War 2. If this game had adjusting camera angles, it'd almost be my dream game.

User Info: A-l-g-r-e-n

7 years ago#2


User Info: DMan304

7 years ago#3
I don't know about shooting, but one thing I read was that the camera height stays wherever you put it on horseback. There is no default camera angle it jumps back to like GTA4.

User Info: redmachine

7 years ago#4
ya they said they did that for the horse riding so people could take in the beautiful scenery. Its obvious some of the cameras have been changed from what GTa4 did. For the better i think, its slightly more zoomed in, I like it, can't wait to get my hands on it.

User Info: snoognz123

7 years ago#5
I'd think there would be a lot more freedom in camera modes as there are no real city blocks full of skyscrapers to contend with.

User Info: A-l-g-r-e-n

7 years ago#6

No, I mean, in GTA 4, while aiming, you could press SELECT (I don't know what select equals on the 360) and it would change your default shooting angle. Just try it, if you have that game. I was just wondering if you could adjust the camera to an over-the-shoulder view while aiming, like you could in GTA 4.

User Info: burdi1ar

7 years ago#7
^ i know what ur talking about. and its the "back" button on the 360. but, i doubt anyone here really knows for sure. but, like in all gta's, you had a variety of camera angles, so i would assume you can change it in red dead,
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User Info: asdar

7 years ago#8

I think the best data now leads to believing it's fixed, well one fixed for normal, and one different fixed for riding.

Of course that's from previews so even if it was like that there's no guarantee that it isn't adjustable. I'm hoping it's adjustable as well.

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