Is watching streams illegal?

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User Info: Master_Syn

7 years ago#1
Just curious.

User Info: Hittman57

7 years ago#2
GT:Hittman 57
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User Info: Princejake2

7 years ago#3
lmao no.
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User Info: AjaxTheBeast

7 years ago#4
yea watchout they can track your ip sometimes and arrest you.
Life Sucks, Get Over it.

User Info: Xerosnake90

7 years ago#5
Your computer could get a virus and the police will track you. So yes, it's not good.
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User Info: NathanHiHello

7 years ago#6
Punishable by death

User Info: Master_Syn

7 years ago#7
Just curious after reading this.

User Info: ruiner1349

7 years ago#8
the punishment is Roman calling you at every waking hour asking if you wanna bowl or see TEE TEES

But in all seriousness,no it's not,but R* is having them removed
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User Info: Dragon239

7 years ago#9
'I will be personally sending links I find to pirated copies of the game to Rockstar so they can have them taken down, I suggest other fans do the same.'
Lol, take down torrenting sites links?
GL with that.
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User Info: sonofm8

7 years ago#10
you'll nvr take me alive!!!
this is specifically why i don't go on the internet it is like the internet is stalking me-nick fury
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