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User Info: dornbush

7 years ago#31
There are plenty of system link games that support chat. Splinter Cell: Conviction is about the newest one I can think of. As for the distance, we're about stories apart. He rents out the basement of my house.

Just looking for someone to confirm that this is, indeed an issue and that I'm just not missing some step.

User Info: dornbush

7 years ago#32

User Info: xionnoix

7 years ago#33
dornbush, any news on the voice chat issue?
by chance, are any of the players in your system link game only on xbox live silver?
i was going to get this game for my wife tonight, but her xbox acct. only has silver account, i'm assuming the system link would allow both of us to play regardless.

User Info: AlCaPWNED

7 years ago#34
Bumping this topic for updates. Whether I pick it up or not depends heavily on whether or not system links works with chat and the like.
GT: KnightofOrion
"a conversation with an average Xbox Live user is like nailing a trout to a door: Pointless, stupid, and messy."- EmporerDragon

User Info: dornbush

7 years ago#35
No news on the voice chat yet. Seems to only affect System Link games though. I have an e-mail in to Rockstar but they haven't even replied to any of my previous ones yet. Who knows...

The game itself seems to work fine with the patch they released but it's no where near as fun if you can't chat with your posse.

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