Rated M+ for Nudity and Strong Sexual Content....

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User Info: staufway

7 years ago#1
Given the game's ESRB rating and the reasons for the rating. Is the nudity and "strong sexual content" that bad or gratuitious? Or is it no more or less then what was displayed in the GTA series, Mass Effect, Heavy Rain and so on? I have not seen any indication of it in all the trailers for RDR.

Please advise.

User Info: redness19

7 years ago#2
Only nudity I've seen is a naked corpse from behind, and considering the main char doesn't sleep around, I've seen no sexual content either.
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User Info: ninjateacup

7 years ago#3
I've seen pornos tamer than this game. It's insane.
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User Info: GaruTheWolf

7 years ago#4
Well Heavy Rain did have full frontal nudity and Mass Effect didn't... But honestly I don't know. The only "strong sexual content" I've encountered so far is random encounters of bandits seemingly raping a victim as they tie them up and carry them away or throw them to the ground.

Maybe I just haven't gotten to "that part" yet.
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User Info: greenhawk322

7 years ago#5
less than heavy rain but still present.

*mild spoilers*

from what i've heard about on gamefaqs here, there are two instances of nudity/strong sexual content.

first is during a mission where you'll see a guy hung up naked. his male parts are more or less censored by a black.......smudge? at any rate, his rear is visible, his privates aren't.

second is later on i believe where you'll see a woman's front naked. supposedly her full front is visible for a few seconds. someone correct me if i'm wrong about this.
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User Info: littlecletus

7 years ago#6
There is a bit of nudity with a naked man's corpse hanging from a rafter which seems to have had his man parts removed.
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User Info: Akaimizu

7 years ago#7
Maybe I have to play more. However, at least with my first 6-8 hours of play, I haven't seen anything more indecent than your typical old-school western. Either you have to go looking for it, or perhaps it's something not displayed early in the game.
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User Info: Kai_Laguna

7 years ago#8
I think the strong sexual content has to do with the prostitutes and some of their dialog, doesn't necessarily have to be actual bumping and grinding. Though I haven't gone into the theater in Armadillo so maybe it's a dirty film.
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User Info: WardCleaver02

7 years ago#9

There needs to be a "Mr. Skin" equivalent for video games. lol.

User Info: staufway

7 years ago#10
Thanks for the updates, keep posted on this. I know sometimes that ESRB exaggerates some game contents like OMG! Use of Alcohol and Tobacco....
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