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Gang hideout locations

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User Info: FlamingCrusader

7 years ago#1
I found this info on IGN's board, and though I should post it here.
Anyone have anymore?

1) Twin Rocks, if you follow the road that goes northwest out of Armadillo, you will run into it.

2) Pike's Basin, if you go west of MacFarlane's Ranch, you will run into Pike's Basin. Best to enter from Cholla Springs going east.

3) Tumbleweed, which is a ghost town in the Gaptooth area to the west. Lots of fun, especially if you approach it from the east rather than north or south. You'll go there eventually in a story mission.

4) Gaptooth Breach, west of both Tumbleweed and Benedict Point, best to enter from south.

User Info: Master_Syn

7 years ago#2
These keep respawning right?

User Info: Gatekeeper999

7 years ago#3
Two in Mexico in the west.
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User Info: FlamingCrusader

7 years ago#4
Are these it for getting the Marshall's Outfit?

User Info: th3warr1or

7 years ago#5
Is West Elizabeth part of 'the US'?
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