How do you duel?

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User Info: waterghost

7 years ago#1

i just cant figure it out. now my duels winning/losing ratio is about 50/50,from all i understand u just press LT when it says DRAW. then map the enemie and press RT 6 times(or more, depends on clip size) as quick as possible.

can someone explain the duel system to me?

User Info: Shifter1178

7 years ago#2
The two meters on the right are the key...the left one is yours, right is the other guys.

When you paint targets the gauge fills up..whoever fills it up fastest or highest is gonna win.
You can fill it up faster by waiting til the target is white rather than red and pressing RT then...

Not sure if you can win just by being faster..but I'm pretty sure you have to empty your clip or the gauge won't fill up...

User Info: azrael2514

7 years ago#3

I have a question about this too. I've never lost a duel but is there a way to only put one shot into the guy instead of blowing him across town with six shots? I don't want to try something new and have my duel ration go down.

User Info: elcrudo

7 years ago#4
I have the same question. Im gettin my ass handed to me in nuevo pariso by duelists. Isnt there a way to just draw and fire with out having to empty the entire 6 rounds?
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User Info: Ralta

7 years ago#5
I THOUGHT I understood it. I know for a fact that you do not have to fire off all your shots; you can win with a single shot to the head, or the gun hand (and maybe heart). But sometimes, John just stands there even after I enter my target. Not sure if it's a glitch, or if I'm doing it wrong.
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User Info: Shifter1178

7 years ago#6
Woulda been nice if Rockstar had a GOOD tutorial or guide for dueling..the one in game SUCKS.

User Info: StochasticLife

7 years ago#7
I actually managed to win a duel against someone who caught me cheating at poker without killing him, did shoot the gun out of his hand though.

But yeah, fill up the gauge and go to town.
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User Info: npatel1447

7 years ago#8

Don't press the left trigger. Here is what I do:

Pull the right joystick back. This will pull your gun out. Then push the right joystick forward, this will point the gun at the enemy. You will be put in dead eye mode. You will see cursors that start out big and red then turn to small and white. You want to push the right trigger on the enemy (preferebly their head or chest) when the cursor is small or white. There will be two bars on the right side of your screen (I think it's the right side at least). One will be blue, the other bar is red. The blue bar represents you, the more shots you place on your enemy the higher the blue bar will rise. The same goes for the enemies red bar. If your blue bar is higher then the enemies red bar, you win the duel. If the enemies red bar is above your blue bar, they win the duel.

You can also try and shoot the weapon out of your enemies hand to gain a lot more fame. It's hard though.

User Info: heylookaninja

7 years ago#9
It would have been good if they helped you understand all the mechanics of dueling instead of just throwing you into it.

User Info: Prophet1087

7 years ago#10
thats how i do it and i win everytime but i also shoot his legs/ lower body first then his chest and head
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