Can you own more than one horse?

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User Info: cincyrules

7 years ago#1
I had caught a awsome horse I had been useing for a while, but after killing some bandits, I just had to take one of their sweet black stallions. My question is, can I keep both, but only use one for certain times and the other for others? I'd like to think Leo the cow( my older horse) will have a good life on a ranch, and get to mate with all females he wants.
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User Info: SolidMGSnake

7 years ago#2
Yea I wanna know this too
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User Info: snakes_righteye

7 years ago#3
The color of the horse tells you the breed. The three best being...

The cream colored found in Hennigens Stead is the KY saddler
The white horse found in Mex is the Hungarian half bred
The black one found in the Great Plains is the American Standardbred
The deeds will explain their colors and level 3 stars being the best

Also owning the deed will allow you to call that horse even if it dies, I would recommend getting the deeds for your fav horses. Use the deed from your inventory and you can summon that horse at any time.

The three best horse deeds are only available to buy after you break them.
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User Info: unbalancedego

7 years ago#4
Every horse in this game has a matching certificate u can buy from the general store. The hard part is identifying the horse you want based on their text description. If you buy the cert you can use it whenever you want and it will change the horse you summon to that horse(also a fantastic way to quicksave btw when you switch horses).
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