Good skunk location?

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User Info: velvet_hammer

7 years ago#1
been searching for hours. some said armadillo but cant seem to find any

User Info: q-w-e-r-t-y

7 years ago#2
around the macfarlane ranch i think, try walking just north of it

User Info: velvet_hammer

7 years ago#3
went to all 3 spots and nothing. anyone else?

User Info: TheSpinBig

7 years ago#4
i didnt even see a skunk till i got to mexico. then again i wasnt really looking.. but yeah try mexico. sorry i cant tell ya where. right around wherever you start out in mexico

User Info: velvet_hammer

7 years ago#5
NIGHT time nosalida on the O seen tons of them.

User Info: lfcps360

7 years ago#6

in mexico there are a s***load of skunks, i am doing level 6 challange where you kill 5 skunks, foxes and racoons and i got all five skunks within 1 minute in mexico.

I only need racoons, anyone know where they are? i carnt find them

User Info: red16mage

7 years ago#7
try bearclaw camp for racoons. sometimes foxes too. be sure to use bait.
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User Info: Mr_FOXH0UND

7 years ago#8
I got mine quick at two crows
PSN: Spathii

User Info: Norxium

7 years ago#9
I found a lot of skunks at nighttime along the south coast of the San Luis River. They're usually in groups for 2-3.
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