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User Info: _STORM_OF_ONE_

7 years ago#1
Rank 1

Weapon: Cattleman Revolver, Knife
Mount: El Señor

Rank 2

Weapon: Repeater Carbine

Rank 3

Weapon: Throwing Knife

Rank 4

Mount: Lusitano Nag

Rank 5

Weapon: Volcanic Pistol

Rank 8

Weapon: Winchester Repeater
Mount: Turkmen

Rank 9

Weapon: Schofield Revolver

Rank 11

Weapon: Pump Action Shotgun
Mount: Cleveland Bay (Legendary 1 to 4 only)

Rank 13

Weapon: Springfield Rifle

Rank 15

Weapon: Dynamite
Mount: Hungarian Half-Bred (Legendary 2 to 4 only)

Rank 17

Weapon: Double Action Revolver

Rank 18

Weapon: Sawed-off Shotgun

Rank 20

Weapon: Rolling Block Rifle

Rank 22

Weapon: Fire Bottle
Mount: Cleveland Bay
Mount: Hungarian Half-Bred (Legendary 1 only)
Mount: American Standard-Bred (Legendary 2 to 4 only)

Rank 24

Weapon: Semi Automatic Pistol

Rank 26

Weapon: Semi Auto Shotgun
Mount: Bonzo (bull) (Legendary 3 and 4 only)

Rank 28

Weapon: Carcano Rifle

Rank 32

Weapon: Henry Repeater

Rank 33

Mount: Hungarian Half-Bred
Mount: American Standard-Bred (Legendary 1 only)
Mount: Bonzo (bull) (Legendary 2 only)
Mount: Buffalo (Legendary 3 and 4 only)

Rank 35

Weapon: High Power Pistol

Rank 37

Weapon: Double Barrel Shotgun
Mount: Albino Buffalo (Legendary 4 only)

Rank 40

Weapon: Bolt Action Rifle
Mount: American Standard Bred
Mount: Bonzo (bull) (Legendary 1 only)
Mount: Buffalo (Legendary 2 only)
Mount: Albino Buffalo (Legendary 3 only)

Rank 42

Mount: Super Bull (Legendary 4 only)

Rank 43

Weapon: Evans Repeater

Rank 46

Weapon: LeMat Revolver

Rank 49

Weapon: Mauser Pistol

Rank 50

Weapon: Buffalo Rifle
Mount: Bonzo (bull)
Mount: Buffalo (Legendary 1 only)
Mount: Albino Buffalo (Legendary 2 only)
Mount: Super Bull (Legendary 3 only)
Mount: Zebra Donkey (Legendary 4 only)
Nothing's free in Waterworld !!!

User Info: RahzarX

7 years ago#2
What do you mean by the Legendary stuff?
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User Info: CalienteBurito

7 years ago#3

yeah thanks for the info but what does that legendary stuff mean

User Info: IXX_Mason_IXXI

7 years ago#4
WTF says you get the Evans Repeater at rank 43 but yet my rank is only 11 and i have that weapon?

User Info: Forceman25

7 years ago#5
Well Legendary is RDR version of prestige mode.

User Info: sifer2

7 years ago#6
I think you can find some of the weapons in free roam too but its possible to lose them. Also Legend is when you reset your level to 1 again. You have to grind all the way back up but you get special mounts am maybe character skins if you do.

Which is what I wanna see the character skins.

User Info: CalienteBurito

7 years ago#7

so what are the numbers for then.... im still confused

User Info: bryan8259

7 years ago#8
By legendary 1 he means you got all the way to level 40 and restarted once
By legendary 2 he means you got all the way to 40 twice and restarted a third time etc
It's just a jump to the left...

User Info: CalienteBurito

7 years ago#9

so just to be clear, I'd have to get to lvl 50 4 times to get zebra donkey?

User Info: Branmritter

7 years ago#10

bump for usefulness.

is it true that after you prestige once, you get weapons at earlier levels the second time around?

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