Search Thieves' Landing?

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User Info: bullrider08

7 years ago#1
To get that one outfit where it says "Search Thieves' Landing"...what exactly does it mean? I've rode my horse all over it and I've went and searched inside the buildings and on top of what does it mean exactly? Thank you!

User Info: Lajenfodro

7 years ago#2
Inside the warehouse where you helped Shaky. Not sure where exactly.
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User Info: Rednecksith

7 years ago#3
Bump. I don't really get what it means by 'search' either, considering I've covered every square inch of that wretched hive of scum and villainy.

User Info: swguy9

7 years ago#4
In the office upstairs.

User Info: swguy9

7 years ago#5
In a chest.

User Info: hoogivs

7 years ago#6
it means you have to look for chests that you can open and as said before it is in the office in the warehouse where you find shaky.
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User Info: mrzero1982pt2

7 years ago#7
its where you met shaky, in the office at the top
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