Dueling: The mechanics of the Quick Draw

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User Info: DangerManDan

7 years ago#1
First off, i know "residentlyevil" already posted this topic. More discoveries were added to the thread but going through all the pages seemed tedious for people who just got the game. They continue to post new topics with their questions, so i just reorganized it all into one post. So, all the credit goes to residentlyevil & the contributers of that thread.

When the duel screen loads, you'll see your enemy & his name. Afterward, the camera will slowly zoom in from behind you. At a certain point, the words DRAW come out & the screen goes dead-eye mode (orange screen color). Note: This doesn't mean your enemy has drawn yet (we'll get into detail about that later).

Feeding The Meter:
The meters on the right side of the screen belong to you (blue) & your enemy (red). Whoever fills theirs more will win. When it says DRAW, use the Left Trigger or down then up on the Right Stick to bring up your cross hairs. using RB or RT, you'll "paint" your enemy with marks which fill your meter.

Aim Small Miss Small:
WATCH THE CROSS HAIRS. They will flash red to white, reflecting Marston's aim... Simple phrase: Red=Dead White=Tight. Red will raise your meter a little, white will fill it 25% - 100% depending where you aim.

Hard Target:
Painting certain areas will fill your meter more. 2 can fill it to %100 & end the duel immediately if you paint 'em White: His Gun or Head. Just aiming at the head won't work, though. I've found you have to aim for the upper head area (forehead or eyes) for 100%. As for the gun, plain & simple: Perfectly paint his gun white with one shot. Painting his hand can fill your meter about 75% (you'll probably still win)

Disturbing the Piece:
You get +100 Fame & gain Honor by disarming him, but not all opponents can be disarmed. These are usually story-related character & some stranger-related ones (specifically the Wronged Woman & Eva in Peril).
A telltale sign is if you paint their guns / hands & your Meter does not rise. Even a badly painted gun / hand will raise your meter by small amounts. If this happens, make a mad dash for their foreheads!!

Timing Is Everything:
You'll notice that after DRAW comes up, the camera continues to zoom in. Drawing will stop the camera. Drawing first gives you more time to paint your enemy but at the cost of a smaller target area, making it more difficult to accurately paint a specific body part. Letting them draw first gives you less time to paint him, but a bigger area to paint.

Opponent behavior:
Everyone you duel is different in terms of Nerves, Speed & Accuracy. Unfortunately for experts, Rocktar didn't make them more varied (no ultimate challenge). But basically, Nerves is how SOON they draw, Speed is how FAST they draw & aim (this is the real timer for you), & Accuracy is how much their meter rises with each shot they place on you. These affect the duel: Opponents who are nervous will draw early, hampering their aim. These guys are usually easy as their meters will never be fuller than yours if you can place 1 good shot. However, if you get a nervous enemy with a fast hand, you'd better be quicker at placing that shot..

Tips Please:
Any duel can be won by mashing the RT, but to get those badass one shots watch your opponent's draw speed. This will give you an estimation on how much time you'll have to "wait & paint". The minute he goes for his gun you'll see how fast he is. For fun, on opponents who can be disarmed, shoot his gun then his hat.

i haven't played the multiplayer extensively yet as i'm obsessed with the Single Player, so i don't know if there are Online Duels. i hear there aren't. If they ever implemented them, this system would work extremely well (i think they should speed it up, though, cuz painting is a little too easy). Here's hoping Online Duels get implemented!

thanks to residentlyevil and everyone who put in their 2 cents, and-*COUGAR*

User Info: axman36

7 years ago#2
Are there unlimited amounts of duels?
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User Info: lVlAtlZiX

7 years ago#3
Yes there are they are random events when you ride into a town.

Easiest way though is to cheat at poker and get caught on purpose, you always duel then.
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User Info: MrHockey77

7 years ago#4
Good info.

Sticky requested.
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User Info: DangerManDan

7 years ago#5
Woops, ran out of space and cut that part out, thinking it wasn't necessary... haha.

To my knowledge thus far: Yes, they are unlimited.

You can actively start duels by cheating at Poker and intentionally getting caught. Its a good way to raise your Fame (and Honor if you disarm every Opponent). To cheat at poker, buy the Elegant Suit from the tailor in Thieves Landing and put it on before joining a Poker game.

You will be randomly challenged in towns by gang members from the respective area, more so as you gain Fame. Honor won't affect the rate of challenges, nor will wearing Outfits of the respective gangs.

Interestingly, i once accepted a challenge then shot my challenger dead without walking to the Duel spot. I did not get in trouble. No eyewitnesses or bounties... Don't know if this was a glitch or a loophole.

User Info: kindianblue

7 years ago#6
The game didn't really explain the mechanics of this at all, and I had to figure out most of this on my own. It's good info to have, the duels are a LOT more funner if you understand the system and aren't just popping every round you have into the guy.

So, good post.

User Info: Odd_Bob

7 years ago#7
I have a question:

Twice now I have lost duels because when the "DRAW!" screen comes up my targeting cursor stays at the bottom of the screen and refuses to move upward no matter what I do. It goes from side to side but not up. All I can do is point at his feet and watch him shoot me to death. Extremely frustrating, and I've been avoiding duels because of it. I won one duel where I put all six rounds into his torso but as far as I could tell, I didn't do anything differently. I must be doing something wrong but I have no idea what. Might you know?
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User Info: alexnorton

7 years ago#8
Any duel can be won by mashing the RT

Not true. I tried that several times against


Edgar Ross, and it always ended with me dead. It wasn't until I waited for the crosshairs to shrink from red to white that I managed to kill him. And when I was mashing RT and RB, I was using two fingers to get it done as fast as possible, so there's no way that works.

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User Info: DangerManDan

7 years ago#9

It sounds like one of 3 things:
1. Your game glitched. As good as this game is, the number of bugs it has is unreal.

2. Your Right Thumbstick is jammed/ stuck. Might need to clean it or get a new one.

3. If you use the flick method (down then up on the Right Thumbstick) you're probably still holding up. Don't. Release then aim.

User Info: AYB1882

7 years ago#10
Do duels increase in difficulty as you complete more of them? I think I only managed to disarm one person. I'd rather shoot to kill.
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