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Stranger List and Locations (spoilers) (sticky)

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User Info: Fantasy9

6 years ago#1
I put this list together to help myself, but thought why not share it with the gaming community. Most credit can go to chimera_80 I just did the editing and added some tips. I don't have a map, though I'm sure one will show up soon. Anyway, if I had a map I would just make it a FAQ and not a sticky :D

Some of the Stranger missions have requirements before they can be unlocked (found under Complete ____) After you find the mission at the starting location, the next part of the quest (if there is one) will appear on your map as a purple circle or as a question mark.

Some quests take a few days to be able to move on. You can easily avoid this by reloading your last autosave (the game will save after each stranger encounter) and more often than not, the next part of the mission will be available.

Again, credit to chimera_80 for most of the following information.


New Austin

Flowers For a Lady
Complete "New Friends Old Problems"
Starting location: Between Macfarlane's ranch & Thieves landing.

Let No Man Put Asunder
Complete "Obstacles in Our Path"
Starting location: Near Coot's Chapel

Jenny’s Faith
Complete "This is Armadillo, USA"
Starting location: East of Ridgewood Farm

Complete "Women & Cattle"
Starting location: South of Gaptooth Breach

Water and Honesty
Complete "Political Realities in Armadillo"
Starting location: East of Coot's Chapel up on the ridge along the path.

American Appetites
Complete "Political Realities in Armadillo"
Starting location: Outside Sheriff's office in Armadillo

Funny Man
Complete "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies"
Starting location: Telegraph Office in Benedict Point

Who Are You to Judge?
Complete "Liars, Cheats and Other Fine Americans"
Starting location: Rathskeller Fork

Lights, Camera, Action
Complete "The Sport of Kings and Liars"
Starting location: Movie House in Armadillo

I Know You
Complete "A Tempest Looms" *ONLY as John Marston*
Starting location: South of Mescalero

Nuevo Paraiso

Deadalus And Son
Complete "We Shall be Together in Paradise"
Starting location: On the ridge just east of Agave Viejo

Eva In Peril
Complete "Lucky in Love"
Starting location: Behind Cantina in Casa Madrugada

Complete "Civilization, At Any Price"
Starting location: Chuparosa

Love is The Opiate
Complete "Empty Promises" AND Stranger 13 "Poppycock"
Starting location: Beside the slaughterhouse in El Matadero

Aztec Gold
Complete "Must A Savior Die?"
Starting location: Sidewinder Gulch

West Elizabeth

The Wronged Woman
Complete "An Appointed Time"
Starting location: Church North West of Blackwater

The Prohibitionist
Complete "An Appointed Time" AND "The Wronged Woman"
Starting location: Blackwater Saloon

American Lobbyist
Complete "An Appointed Time"
Starting location: Gazebo in Blackwater

Remember My Family
Complete "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed"
Starting location: Blackwater train Platform
Go Bucks!
gt: omgItsCopus

User Info: Fantasy9

6 years ago#2
Go Bucks!
gt: omgItsCopus

User Info: StnkyWizleTeets

6 years ago#3
Nice list. Is it possable to miss any of these encounters?

Sticky request.
GT: StnkyWizleTeets

User Info: Fantasy9

6 years ago#4
The only one you can't do after you have completed the story is I Know You. But it doesn't count towards the 100% completion if you miss it.

Guess I should have noted that. Whoops.
Go Bucks!
gt: omgItsCopus

User Info: Fantasy9

6 years ago#5
Oh, and thanks for the request. :)
Go Bucks!
gt: omgItsCopus

User Info: hortys_999

6 years ago#6

AWESOME, this list just helped me 100% the game. i was at 99.5% & didn't know what i'd missed. i read that there are 18 stranger missions & my stats said i had 18, but that was including "i know you" so i didn't know what i'd missed until i stumbled upon this list you got here. just wanted to say thanx man....

User Info: Fantasy9

6 years ago#7
You're welcome!

Go Bucks!
gt: omgItsCopus

User Info: jpsell45

6 years ago#8
tagged and sticky requested
I don't care what you're playing.

User Info: Dustin1280

6 years ago#9
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User Info: stgbaker

6 years ago#10
Please sticky right away
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