Hogtying a criminal is Kidnapping?

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User Info: dlindenb2000

7 years ago#1
So, I was about a half-dozen missions into the game when I looked at my stats, and in my crime list everything is at 0 but kidnapping. Now, the only person I hogtied was 1 criminal in the night patrol mini-mission at the ranch. I reloaded an save to see if this was indeed the case and it was. Soon as I caught the horse thief my kidnapping went from 0 to 1. Even though the mission said to capture him alive by hogtying him.

Now my question to those who are farther ahead. Does capturing all criminals count as kidnapping? Or is this a bug for the one mission? If it's a bug I'll just reload and do a few missions over again so I don't have any crimes listed, but if It's for the entire game then I'll just keep going.

User Info: HuaBiao

7 years ago#2
Who cares? I've got over 50 kidnappings to my name, and my xbox hasn't blown up yet.
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User Info: jackacid

7 years ago#3
Kidnapping (and other crimes) only applies to breaking the law. Stopping criminals doesn't count.

Are you sure it wasn't a lawman? If not, might be a glitch.
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User Info: BlueNinjaGo

7 years ago#4
Does it affect any challenges or achievements? Or just your own personal OCD?
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User Info: dlindenb2000

7 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: dlindenb2000

7 years ago#6
It was a cattle thief. Then I went and did the first Marshal mission in town, and during the gun fight at the end with him added another 2 kidnappings to my name. The end guy of the mission didn't count as kidnapping, and neither did one of the men shooting at me on that hill but 2 of the others did.

Not sure why some count as kidnapping and other not, but I guess I just won't worry about it as it's glitched.

And to the above poster, it's just my OCD. I don't get any bounty for doing it, just another number in the kidnapping listing. I was hoping for a clean slate on that crime page.
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  3. Hogtying a criminal is Kidnapping?

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