"I Know You" quest *end spoilers*

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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#1
For me this was the second biggest "WOW" moment to the ending of the game itself.

He never reveals how he knows John, and John tells him, "Tell me how I know you or I won't be responsible for what I do," to which the man replies, "Oh, but you will. You will be responsible."

Then when John says, "Damn you!" the man replies, "Most people do." John then shoots him, but the bullets have no effect, and the man vanishes.

My personal interpretation is that he was a manifestation of John's conscience. (Most people damn conscience, and it tells us what we are responsible for.) I think John may not be "all there" so to speak.

User Info: Mosannam9696

7 years ago#2

The 2nd encounter with the guy I thought he was John's conscience. After the last thing the guy said I assume he is either God or The Devil... or Death. Who knows.

User Info: KaiGillam

7 years ago#3

I say it's Death, because of the 'accountant' metaphor and his reference to John's future resting place as 'a good spot'.

Other people have said it's God, the Devil, or an angel of some type.

User Info: nelsonh

7 years ago#4
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User Info: brianrseymour

7 years ago#5
It's supposed to be God. This is why he sends John on savior missions, example: stopping the man from cheating on his wife. I personally feel they should have left this out of the game, because it turned it from a somewhat believable story, to complete fiction..

I tried telling myself that maybe John was just a little crazy, but that doesn't even work, because how else could he know that the guy was going to cheat on his wife and at that specific location.
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User Info: ArchaicHero33

7 years ago#6
I've heard that he greatly resembles Old testament Satan. Like how he says you will be judged, and how he responds to you accordingly to how you solve the situations.
I grabbed this from somebody, but it seems to work. The extra lines from text down here makes it seem as if there is more content above.

User Info: brianrseymour

7 years ago#7
Why would the devil tell you to stop the man from cheating? I know you have the option to provoke him, but he specifically tells you to stop him.
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User Info: xsylentknyghtx

7 years ago#8
The most likely way to look @ it is Death. He sends Johnon quests that determine his moral fiber, which ultimately tells death where he should go when he dies. I got that feeling from the minute I first encountered him because he was on that hill top cliff the 1st time and it was after a storm so the cliuds were a rolling deep grey. It added to the effect nicely. I think not only was it a great choice for the game as a side quest, but it was really well done. good topic TC ^_^
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User Info: brianrseymour

7 years ago#9
I still think he's supposed to be God. When John says "Damn you!", the man replies, "Many have."

Now I don't know about you, but I never heard anyone damning death, or the devil.. It's always God.. Always.
XBL Gamertag = BrianTumor

User Info: delux19

7 years ago#10
Yeah I think it was God. It can't be his conscience because he knew a guy was going to cheat and the exact location, also the location of the nun.
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