The rosary from the nun, Obscuridad del Santo Andreas

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User Info: LancetJades

7 years ago#1
Okay, this is obviously an interesting item, given it reduces the accuracy of enemies. Apparently it's given at high honor. A nun comes up to you and offers it.

However, there seems to be all sorts of contrary information offered on the item. I've heard people say they got it at max honor, low (positive) honor, different fame ranks, in various towns, late in the game, early in the game, never, at noon, at night, etc.

I've also heard that a pre-requisite is donating to a nun in mexico, but this is unlikely as a lot of people claim to have obtained it before unlocking mexico.

Armadillo sounds like a popular location for this to happen, due to the high volume of activities and missions that involve the town. MacFarlane Ranch, Chuparosa, and Blackwater are also mentioned, so obviously it's not dependent on borders.

The purpose of this topic is basically as a catch-all to find out from people all the circumstances about how, when, and where they obtained the item. I (and others) have started topics that didn't seem to really garner the interest or specificity of information I'm asking for here, from anyone who remembers.

Basically, a cross-section of all the possible circumstances and parameters of obtaining this item, such as honor and fame rank, story completion (number of missions completed, including specific progress), towns located in, times located, and what the player was doing at the time the nun appeared (in a story mission, side mission, on foot, on horse, entering town, exiting, just arrived, was around a while, etc).
Eclipsing power is, at times, not only the instrument of demons, but also of gods.
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User Info: Mr_Lemmons

7 years ago#2
I got it from the nun. Almost passed her by & almost didn't accept it.
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User Info: True_Rune

7 years ago#3
I got it on my way out of Las Hermanas, I had already donated to the Chruch doing the "I Know You" Stranger Mission, and my Honor was High....if not Maxed out.
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User Info: MacDadams

7 years ago#4
Never got it....

User Info: Takuru

7 years ago#5
I got it in that modern town near the water with the huge bank and the cars. Forgot the name.

Nun randomly came up to me as I was leaving a building. I had very high honor.
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User Info: happydan20

7 years ago#6

i have been playing the game as slowly as possible, i unlocked everything before i did any missions past the tutiorial, and when id unlocked the outfits or challenges, then id do the story.

I got it early in the game at high honor at bonnies ranch, im pretty sure it wasnt full, but it was higher enough to get the duster, i believe i fast traveled and she was just there, i had to talk to her to trigger it it wasnt automatic.

User Info: Pairedsnake

7 years ago#7
Got it in armadillo morning-afternoonish about 2/3rds max honor and half fame or so

User Info: _SeVeReD_

7 years ago#8
Max honour and max fame. Game completed. All challenges completed to legendary status. Wandered streets of cities forever and still nobody gave me the rosary. I don't get it =/

User Info: LancetJades

7 years ago#9
happydan, do you mean you did everything possible after the second story mission (New Friends, Old Problems), before continuing story missions?

And if so, fif you get the rosary before doing any story missions, or after you'd started?
Eclipsing power is, at times, not only the instrument of demons, but also of gods.
Lost, but not forgotten.

User Info: Jeriakimefu

7 years ago#10
Max honor. High fame, but not maxed out. Outside of Chuparosa in the afternoon. Was on the first part of the second set of Luisa's missions (had done every mission possible up to that point). Was wearing a poncho.
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