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Which multiplayer gang hideout gives most XP?

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  3. Which multiplayer gang hideout gives most XP?

User Info: somnambulist123

7 years ago#1

I know pikes basin is a good one for XP... what about the others?

User Info: 10050

7 years ago#2
If you're good, twin rocks will give you 1700 for two minutes work.
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User Info: ChikinSloat

7 years ago#3
When I finish it, it's always 1:40-2:10, and I get like...950 MAX exp.
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User Info: craiguk37

7 years ago#4
are you getting chain kills?

User Info: code_of_conduct

7 years ago#5
twin rocks : how to get 1700xp or so in under 2 minutes

use dead eye ALOT and stand on top of mountain. must get ALL KILLS in ONE combo ( should total 22 ) dead eye is veryu important, and so is your position
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User Info: X_ProwL

7 years ago#6
If your really good you can make 2950exp for one twin rocks run.

What your going to need.

Evans Repeater. (Gaptooth ridge)
Bolt Action Rifle. (Gaptooth ridge)
Mauser Pistol. (Twin rocks)
Deadeye meter atleast half full.

Start by equipping Evans Repeater.
Next use dead eye on all far away enemies (Both large rocks and top of building).
Next target all the chums near the well and outhouse, As these guys hide in cover and are a pain.
Let loose hell.
Charge in slowly and mop up the remaining enemies with the Repeater.
When backup shows up pull out your Mauser pistol and 3 shot each enemy quicky.
Swap to the Repeater Then run out to the field and kill the new batch of backup, Watch out for the enemies coming from the rocks in the far distance (dead eye will increase range)

If all goes to plan you will have a 22 combo and a cleaned house bonus of $100.

Ultimately any bonus disarms or hatshots will boost EXP further and the faster you complete it the more EXP you get.
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  3. Which multiplayer gang hideout gives most XP?

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