The U.S. Marshal outfit Guide. (Spoilers?)

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User Info: Skello10

7 years ago#1
This is a open guide to getting the outfit. Ill start off

Gaptooth - Tumbleweed - Fort Mercer - Twin Rocks - Pikes Basin.

To start off you are going to need Max Horse pills and medicine ( 5 is good 10 is better) and a few apples if you want to. Take a few snake oils, if you are a legend of the west and have a full bar it may take only take 1-3 snake oils.

The first Hideout starts the timer so we don't need a guide to get to this one.

Gaptooth Breach: As soon as you get there all you have to do is kill a few outside then make a run into the mine. You do not have to kill all the enemies, just enough to make a safe path. When inside fight your way to the treasure, avoid the bunch of enemies in one room. After you loot the box make you way back up, 3 enemies should be near the entrance, just use dead eye on them (Remember that dead eye slows time, Imagine it taking 5 seconds to headshot 3 people, now its less.) Keep in mind when you complete the hideout anyone you did not kill will still be there.

This is a open guide so can we get other people post advice for Tumbleweed- Fort mercer - and so on?

And could someone please explain ingame time= Real time? Its still a mystery to me.
P.S. I know its lousy but I just wanted to share what I could.

User Info: Pacman2dx

7 years ago#2
I did it right to left .. Pike Basin > Twin Rocks > Tumbleweed > Gaptooth Breach > Fort Mercer.

I used a Hungarian Half Bred - no horse pills were needed .. Snake Oil and Tobacco were used although not needed considering I had the 'perk' that allows you to gain Dead Eye just by shooting people.
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User Info: Skello10

7 years ago#3
^^^ Sorry that may be good to,
The way i did it i had maybe 10 hours left. Started at daylight, ended at daylight.

User Info: sinisterorion

7 years ago#4
any idea how long the timer is in real time?
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User Info: Skello10

7 years ago#5
It doesnt have to be in order, Post any advice you think others can use to benefit.

User Info: TheFifthBeatle0

7 years ago#6
I've heard it's about an hour in real time for a 24 hour period in the game but I wouldn't trust it without some confirmation.

I also went left to right and found that the transition from Twin Rocks to Pike's was easy since the rancher is located at the left most entrance.

As for horse pills, I didn't have to use any. I did use the American Standardbred which gave me an extra speed boost, but I don't think it's that big of an advantage. Try using the technique where you don't rapidly tap the A button for sprinting but, rather, tap it right when the stamina bar starts to refill. This will, in essence, give you "infinite" stamina.

The only downfall to going left to right, I noticed, is Tumbleweed since you have to approach it from the west and then backtrack to the mansion.
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User Info: MrArmageddon8

7 years ago#7

I thought it was a fairly easy challenge, you just can't screw around or die.

User Info: pdxjigsaw

7 years ago#8
I died twice. Rode the horse from place to place with no horse pills, and even took the stage coach w/ 'skip to destination' after I died.

Pike's Basin - Twin Rocks - Tumbleweed - Gaptooth - Mercer

Stupid easy.

User Info: erichdusk

7 years ago#9
I did Pike's, Twin Rocks, Tumbleweed, Gaptooth, and Fort Mercer.

Made it with time using a lot of campsites and waypoint travel.
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User Info: nebfan15

7 years ago#10
i had over 17 hours left for me to finish once i did, there's no way anyone actually needs to prepare this much for the trip.

unless you want to trot nonchalantly on a donkey to each base
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