Super Glitches in RDR Multiplayer now.

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User Info: Sega9599

3 years ago#1
1. First off we have the LOOOOOOONNGGG loading times. Literally can be up to 15 minutes sometimes.

2. Then we have the Lvl Up glitch. Basically, around by Macfarlanes Ranch, there are people on the ground. Shooting one of them causes you to gain points very quickly and your screen to flash/shake. You can get to Legend status in like 25 mins.

But this glitch causes other things to happen:

3. No NPCs spawning. No new NPCs will spawn after someone on the server has activated the lvl up glitch. So any Bounty challenges you may want to do are out of the question. Any NPCs alive at the start of the glitch will not replinish once killed.

4. Hideouts automatically completed upon entering. This can be useful for some challenges I guess.....

5. Lag. Eventually if enough people are doing this glitch, the game will slow right down.

6. Invisible Players. A lot of the time after this glitch is activated, you will be unable to see or shoot other players who enter the server. You will still be able to see them on the map, but you cannot affect them in any way, besides voting/posse etc.

7. No Horse. Unable to call in horse once glitch is activated.

8. No weapons. Sometimes your character will spawn in with no weapons. The only way to fix this is to leave and rejoin. Trying to weapon melee with nothing in your hands only leads to:

9. Game Freezes. Fairly common once the glitch is activated.

10. Other small weird glitches. For example, killing people results in endless rising chain....

If there are any more, I haven't come across them. I am really surprised there is not a bigger fuss made over this. This happens EVERY SINGLE DAY on this game.

Private Free Roams are a good way to avoid these issues. However. The minute you go to macfarlanes ranch and shoot a person on the ground, the lvl up glitch will activate, so avoid doing that.
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User Info: CrownedOne03

3 years ago#2
I've been trying all day to get into a lobby that will spawn the npc's in the ground and can't get it to do it. Maybe rockstar patched their servers now. I've tried friendly and normal, single player to free roam, private to public and random after random free roams and they never appear anywhere near or around macfarlands ranch.

User Info: CrownedOne03

3 years ago#3
Yep, as of Valentines Day 2014 this glitch has been patched!

User Info: andy38uk

3 years ago#4
if you want to avoid these glitches on the public free roam side of RDR go to Normal had Hardcore Free Roam and don`t use the Friendly Free Roam

User Info: BetterWorm

3 years ago#5
Sega, you've done a great job of cataloging this glitch, and you're totally right about it being from the wounded men on the ground. They also show up in Armadillo and Blackwater. I think you're right about the spawning too, and that explains why the hideouts where you just have to kill everyone (Fort Mercer,Tumbleweed, Twin Rocks, Nosalida, Tesoro Asul, etc) finish just by entering them. The glitch won't allow new enemies to spawn, and with zero enemies in the hideout the game thinks you beat it.

And it hasn't been patched yet. Just an hour ago I had the game glitching in both normal and friendly modes of public free roam, and saw a wounded man in Armadillo. Just yesterday I saw close to 10 wounded men in Armadillo, and even hit a few by accident while trying for the public enemy achievement. I think the glitch poisons the room once activated, and stays that way until the room empties out completely. If you check the scoreboard (holding down on the D-pad) it's really obvious when someone's using the glitch, as their score will be rapidly rising, but even in rooms where everyone has a score of zero I've still had the game glitch out. I think it's just a matter of finding a public room where no one's used the glitch yet, but people are tripping over themselves to activate it.

Rockstar posted about this on their site (link provided), and have apparently been aware about this problem for quite a while, but they seem preoccupied with GTA at the moment. I was at this same link a few days ago and only now they're making a distinction between PS3 and 360. It seems this problem hit playstation in December, then xbox in january or february:

This messageboard thread is about this same phenomenon, and has a post from someone claiming they know who hacked the game:
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