How do you call for your horse?

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User Info: The_Weird_Guy

7 years ago#1

Sorry for such a noob question, but I'm still new to this game.

User Info: Snekwah

7 years ago#2
up on the d-pad
if your horse dies,you get a new one shortly after
-so were friends now right?
-of course man, were bromosexuals

User Info: 04Cadillac

7 years ago#3
Press Up on the directional pad. You should see a blue dot appear which means your horse is trying to locate you, it will usually find you.

User Info: hdobbs

7 years ago#4
use yer finger

User Info: acolytes

7 years ago#5
You have to buy a mic, then shout "Horse!" into it everytime.
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User Info: SlowResistance

7 years ago#6
Whatcha gotta do is grab a pillow and bash your PS3 with it 15 times then stand up run in a circle and fall face first then grab the controller and click on the + shape upper button and a horse should arrive.
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  3. How do you call for your horse?

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