Tapping X not so bad. Check this.

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  3. Tapping X not so bad. Check this.

User Info: Boge

7 years ago#1
Not sure if this is old news, but I just read:

The running mechanic is interesting. You repeatedly hit the A button until you get to the speed you want, then keep it pressed. This works on the horse too, allowing you to reach an impressive gallop – though the beast's stamina wears down quickly, especially when you venture off the dirt tracks and onto rough country terrain. If you're riding with another character, once you've reached the same speed as their horse, you can lock in to a sort of cruise control mode, which allows you to relax and listen to the dialogue – lots of vital mission information is often rattled out en route to the next bloody showdown.

Sounds pretty awesome to me.

User Info: style7777

7 years ago#2
Wow is everyone lazy? how hard is it to continuously tap the x button anyway?

User Info: OmegaRage

7 years ago#3
Not lazy, but it is tedious. It's unnecessary to have a running mechanic that involves constantly tapping X. At least now you can hold X once you get up to the speed you want.

User Info: Jummy123

7 years ago#4
Not me said the flea.
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User Info: style7777

7 years ago#5
I think it worked well in other games. Especially when your running from someone it gave me a sense of adrenaline. I don't think its tedious at all.

User Info: rufuzmitchell

7 years ago#6
I'm Ok with either option..the crying about tapping X is ridiculous...it's a mechanic i associate with R* and i do like it. I dig how the default is always WALK. it's what people do in real life, the X tapping is meant to represent physical exertion/exercise.

User Info: style7777

7 years ago#7
what rufu said

User Info: Pinski

7 years ago#8
It's not hard, it's just annoying. The whole "hold _ to run and mash to sprint" has been outdated for a decade. The implementation of the analogue stick with pressure sensitive movement made that old control scheme obsolete long ago.

There is no reason to keep using it as having to hold a button just to run (which you'll have to do 90% of your playtime) as it restricts you from working the camera. If anything they should have made the run button a shoulder button that way your thumb is free for the camera.

It's just a stupid mechanic that has no reason to be used anymore. That would be like having the next GTA game revert to the outdated birds eye view camera rather than the 3D camera.
"Real revolution starts at learning. If you're not angry...then you're not paying attention"-Tim McIlrath

User Info: style7777

7 years ago#9
Saying it's a "stupid" mechanic is a form of opinion. Cause I think it works well if programmed correctly and if it fits the certain game.

User Info: rockyfan94

7 years ago#10
i'm with rufu too! i love having shootouts on gta4 and the nearest car is like 100 feet away so i have to sprint to it with bullets shooting past me and i'm furiously mashing the X button and shouting COME ON YOU POLACK!!

that scene would be boring if you just had to hold X button
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  3. Tapping X not so bad. Check this.

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