best horse type?

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User Info: canadianchuk

7 years ago#1
im looking on the land for a horse. what color is best?
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User Info: CaptainUtopia

7 years ago#2
The ones with red stripes go fastest.

User Info: tamaa

7 years ago#3
war horse

User Info: CaptainUtopia

7 years ago#4
Uh, but seriously.. do all horses of the same breed look exactly the same? I assumed that they'd have individual variations in markings/colouring etc.

User Info: UberFunk83

7 years ago#5
From my understanding of the descriptions, all breeds will look uniformly identical.
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User Info: canadianchuk

7 years ago#6
im corius because i got two in mexico one was brown but not exactly black and went faster then the horse you get in game then there was a dirty vanilla one that didnt go so fast off road but if you got on a trail it would take secounds to were you need to go.
it's a person!

User Info: lurking_finger

7 years ago#7
^^^you're imagining things...

any wild horse you wrangle is a 2* horse.

the only faster horses (and it's marginal at best) are the 3* papered horses you can buy from stores.
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User Info: comftblynumb

7 years ago#8
you have to break a horse before you can buy the deed i think at least with the three 3 star horses. the kentucky saddler you get early in a mission with bonnie and i had to break a wild hungarian to unlock it, i have seen the american horse in the wild too but only a couple times and was unable to catch it both times and thats the one im wanting. i think you may need to be in mexico to find them though.

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