dueling? need help

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User Info: blitzerboy100

7 years ago#11
That vid hasnt helped, im still confused as i get shot straight away.

* spoiler alert *

I've fluked 5 wins, I got to mexico and shot the german in the dual after about 8 attempts then I couldnt beat the person straight after, now i have to beat Edgar Ross because ive completed the game and want to resolve the story and i just cant. Its so frustrating! Can some one explain step by step how to do it, i just have a mental block with it.

User Info: blitzerboy100

7 years ago#12
Thank you! I finally got the S.O.B after 18 tries!

User Info: KaiserKasey

7 years ago#13

I don't understand what's so difficult about the clear instructions given by the game on how to duel. Both the video and the step-by-step given above are perfectly sufficient to be successsful at dueling.

User Info: mavric50

7 years ago#14
The first act of the game has dueling very easy. The thing that through me off was when you get to Mexico is suddenly changes and doesnt really give a you a clear idea of what you need to do.
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User Info: Kravyn81

7 years ago#15
The duel against Mario Alcalde in the graveyard: Are you supposed to kill him? Because I keep trying to shoot his gun and not kill him but after I paint the target and hit "R1" my guy won't fire AT ALL and he ends up killing me.

User Info: Comic_Clock

7 years ago#16
yeh im stuck on this guy aswell.. hes really hard I've beating other guys i'll just have to come back to mexico another time...


7 years ago#17
^i just beat him by aiming for his head. i tried aiming for his gun but it didn't work (not sure if its a glitch or pure coincidence)
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User Info: Solid_Cactus

7 years ago#18
Most say its planned, to go with the story of the guy dying. Also i've played a fair bit of RDR, not completed yet, but i've fluked all duels so far, i never lost really, i mostly aim for the pistols for non story duels but story duels mostly want you to kill them.

But now i'm in Blackwater, mind you i've completed all main missions there as well, and i keep losing now, i had two duels 1 for 'The Wronged Woman' Stranger mission and another a random guy on the street. I had difficulty with the stranger quest and looked up faqs on duels, i honestly did not know about the white crosshair thing or the bar beforehand.

Maybe its that im not too good today or maybe the new info makes me more nervous and lose my focus on the duel by just looking at the crosshairs and bars. Who knows?
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