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User Info: r3flexx

7 years ago#1
I've been unable to connect to PSN lately and I'm getting a little anxious to play. I need a router that can work with a computer, 2 laptops, an xbox 360 and a ps3 (Not all at the same time). Just an FYI, I have DSL.

My current is a belkin wireless g router 802.11g.

I have been thinking about 2:

Can you guys help me out? My limit is 100$ if you can suggest a better one. Or, if it is something I can fix, please tell me how.

PSN: l-r3flex-l

User Info: Space_Fox

7 years ago#2
PSN: spacefox00
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User Info: r3flexx

7 years ago#3
Hi, I need help nao >.>
PSN: l-r3flex-l

User Info: aalderane

7 years ago#4
I'd say go with this one Cisco-Linksys-WRT310N. I installed it at a friend's house and it has been running for 2 months without having to reset it and it works great. The range is also very good!


7 years ago#5
The Ps3 doesn't support wireless N routers. You can only use wireless G. I use linksys cisco what ever (The newest wireless G one) You'll need a router with switches to run a wire into your system(s). Don't bother with wireless gaming. I have 2 wireless laptops and my wired ps3 all on the net at the same time with no problem and I'm on 1 meg dsl.

User Info: Morbioso

7 years ago#6
I used to use that router, and it connects to PSN fine, but you need to port forward all the recommended ports. It's also important to know whether you specified a username and password in the WAN settings, or whether your modem offers the router an IP automatically.

If it can be avoided, you want the router to connect using a user/pass, as the modem itself may have its own firewall and gateway.

User Info: OrangeWizard

7 years ago#7
What makes you think the problem is your router?
Orangewizard knows the exact amount of topics posted about him. - stonecold_50

User Info: aalderane

7 years ago#8
Even though the PS3 doesn't support -N-, it will connect anyway since the routers are backward compatible

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