Anybody else felt bad helping the Mexican Army?

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  3. Anybody else felt bad helping the Mexican Army?

User Info: Santar_

7 years ago#1
I think the story got a bit odd when you get to Mexico and start helping the Mexican army. Marston didn't seem to need much convincing in order to help the Army kill all those poor rebels. That part of the story always irked me a bit.
Since up until that point he really seemed to be a good guy, trying to do good

User Info: Honzou

7 years ago#2
At first I didn't, but then I saw that the Mexican army was run by fascist pigs. The Rebeldes are no to be honest.

User Info: ultradude2345

7 years ago#3
There are no good guys in any situation. Many people have to get past that. Being the "good" guy is all a matter of perspective, not fact.

User Info: Builtspill

7 years ago#4
He does good things when he has a choice, but in this case he is helping the Mexican army because he believes they can help him find the men he is looking for, which in turn will help him get his family back. He is doing anything he has to for his family.

User Info: shadyelf

7 years ago#5
I disliked both eventually. The army I hated from the start and then hated even more after a certain action.

User Info: FollowerofKain

7 years ago#6
The only reason he was doing it was because it was a means to an end. There are several times during most of the cutscenes involving working for the Army where John is obviously uncomfortable with the things being said/done, but because they promised him his two bounties, he went along with it.

"with every step, I rise and fall, with everything to gain I end up losing it all"

User Info: Santar_

7 years ago#7

Yeah the rebel leader didn't turn out to be much better than the army.


But it just seemed Marston didn't really need much convincing to help the army. At least that's the way it felt to me during those missions.

User Info: medicvalues

7 years ago#8

the whole entire mexico portion of the story is just full of dikes

User Info: straussdc

7 years ago#9
Marston is not necessarily a nice guy. Even before Mexico, the stuff you do for Dickens and Irish, for example, isn’t exactly commendable. Dickens is a swindler and the people coming after him (who you slaughter) are probably quite justified in their actions. I think you can also assume Irish uses you as a personal assassin to kill people he’s betrayed in his first mission. Everything the Frenchman and Welshman said in the barn before you gun them down was probably quite true. And in Irish's second mission, you burst into a mining camp and kill everyone just to steal their machine gun. (Yeah, they’re part of the Treasure Hunter Gang, but how does Marston know that?)

The writers did (unfortunately) make you sound like a moralist in the dialogue at times but everything you do is motivated out of self-interest. Marston complains about the tasks the Mexican army is asking him do but doesn’t hesitate.

And (SPOILERS) if you do the Treasure Hunting challenge, you very clearly take the treasure Seth was looking for and keep it yourself. If you do the third treasure challenge before Seth’s last mission it makes you look especially cold. You know there’s no gold in that house, because it’s in your pocket, but you play him along anyhow.

User Info: WartyX

7 years ago#10
Marston isn't a very believable character at all. His dialogue makes him seem morally just, but with a threatening streak, yet on too many occasions the game forces you to do reckless, seemingly pointless murders.
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  3. Anybody else felt bad helping the Mexican Army?

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