which is the fastest horse breed in the game?

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User Info: Henk_m

7 years ago#1
Hi I have the version of Dead Redemption wich included the Warhorse and I have mainly been using that one.

Later I found a Kentucky Saddler in Armadillo I think it was the one that costed the most so I thought most likley its the fastest and has the most stamina for that price then?

I bought it and tried it out.

But cant see any major diffrences between Saddler and Warhorse.

Have not bought any of the cheaper ones as yet and has not found anyone that is as expensive as the saddler at the moment.

Which is actually the best horse ingame??

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User Info: Donut_Was_Here

7 years ago#2
I think the black one is the fastest.
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User Info: OutsiderHall

7 years ago#3
i believe the top tier horses are: kentucky Saddler, American Standard Bred, and Hungarian Half Bred.

if i remember correctly, the KS is the most well rounded horse both in terms of speed and stamina, while AS is the fastest but with the lowest stamina and HH is the slowest of the 3 but with the most stamina (pls correct me if i am wrong guys).

additionally, there's also a dark horse that you get if your fame/honor level is low (not sure how low), but from what i've read, it is neither faster nor more durable than the top tier horses.

supposedly the war horse is the best horse, but since its only available with a certain copy of the game, the abovementioned three horses are the ones that i stick with (tho i haven't gotten the AS yet).

User Info: GrutNL

7 years ago#4
Warhorse, do not try others because it's useless

User Info: Ite

7 years ago#5
The Warhorse faster than the black horse? What does it look like? What are its colors?

User Info: Sword_Guardian

7 years ago#6
I can confirm that the warhorse most certainly is not faster than American Standardbred. It's speed is on par with Kentucky Saddler.

Stamina wise I am not so sure since they all seemed the same to me. But warhorse most certainly is the most durable horse in the same being able to withstand more attacks.

User Info: 8DaysTillSunday

7 years ago#7
The Kentucky Saddler, the one you get early in the game when you help out Bonnie.

User Info: Ite

7 years ago#8
I knew the black horse was fastest so much for the War Horse.

User Info: Henk_m

7 years ago#9
So I guess I can say I already have 2 of the fastest horses then already?

As I already have Warhorse and Kentucky Saddler then?

Is there any idea getting the other horses then?
Or is there a achivement for having them all or does they count towards the 100 % completion of the game?

Anyway thanks for the info guys.
When there is no more room in Hell the Trolls starts flooding the forums

User Info: KishinZephrite

7 years ago#10
Breaking in and hitching the 3 fastest horses excluding the War Horse gets you a trophy, but i'm not sure if it increases your total %. I have all 3, but never bothered to check and see if it rose my % at the time.
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