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User Info: fishpunt1

7 years ago#1
Anyone have any secret/not very well known tips/secrets/activities that you don't post because you dont want them to get nerfed? I know of a spot where you can get 4000+ xp, 10000+ wanted levels and 200+ kill chains in about 10 minutes time. The only problems with the site is it you tend to run out of ammo. It works best when youre alone, but will work when you have someone with you.

I would be willing to share, your tip gets mine, private message of course.

User Info: Josey_Wales73

7 years ago#2
in your dreams!
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User Info: fishpunt1

7 years ago#3
whats in my dreams? someone willing to share or my spot? mine is totally legit and was shown to me, i didnt discover it. but ya its probably wishful thinking to get other people to share.

User Info: sora174

7 years ago#4
i don't see why you don't want to share this secret spot with us
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User Info: fishpunt1

7 years ago#5
because its one that rockstar could very easily "fix"

User Info: 23up

7 years ago#6
there s many cool glitches that are well known but have yet to be fixed

User Info: Ten_Tigers

7 years ago#7
"private message of course"

*slaps TC*

I find your lack of faith disturbing...

User Info: fishpunt1

7 years ago#8
OK dont want to come across like a douche, so hear it is:

You can do this with more than one player, but when I've done it that way the cops havent spawned as fast. I would advise doing it in a private free roam also.

Max out your ammo, cause this is pretty much a one way street, really no way to get ammo once you're there, and you're probably not leaving alive and you will run out of rifle and repeater ammo (unless you get killed), pistols and revolvers work but its easier to get killed using them. This is one where you're much better off using casual aim, so make sure you're on that before heading out.

Go to Plainview, climb the oil tower that is furthest to the east on the south side of the road. Once you're on the tower shoot a NPC on the ground, you may have to wait awhile, especially at night, but during the day theres usually a few people walking or riding by. Once you've shot someone you should become wanted. Once you're wanted go to the northeast corner of the tower, you have the best view from there.

All of the cops will come down the road from the east. It may start a little slow at first but soon they will be coming at you like crazy. It's possible to keep your kill streak going from the first cop that shows up, but it might take a few before theres enough to really get going. It really kicks in once you have a 1000 bounty, shouldn't take longer than a couple of minutes or so to get that.

Last time I did this, before the most recent patch came out I had a 215 kill streak and a bounty of almost 11000, got about 4500 XP in just over 10 minutes. Best tactic is to start off with the bolt action or your repeater of choice, mix in a few revolver or pistol shots, but range is an issue and the tower guardrails tend to get in your way when using handguns. Rifles and repeaters are usually one shot kills, handguns may take 2 or 3 shots.

I have no idea if the most recent patch affected this spot or not, but I'm betting it didn't. It's just about impossible to climb down once the fun has started without getting killed though, so its really more of a novelty and a way to build XP. Enjoy.

User Info: x_Itzcoatl_x

7 years ago#9
Is that it?!

Why would R* patch something like this when it's not a glitch?!
u can do that in a lot of places...
El Presidio, Rathskeller Fork, Blackwater...


Now I know why the other dude slaped u...
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User Info: Im_a_nub

7 years ago#10
I go out of the Map and glitch on top of the mountains
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