Tank weak spot ?

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User Info: Merciless_Light

7 years ago#1
I wonder if there are any weak spots to hit when firing at a tank.

When I'm in a tank, sometimes I get a rocket to hit me so my tank's life goes down by about 1/3. So I'm trying to find the guy that shot me and by the time I find him he's usualy dead within seconds with the coax gun. But sometimes its very weird, my tank completly blows up at the 2nd rocket they shoot at me when I'm 2/3 of my tank's life.
Same thing goes for Tank VS Tank battle. Let's say both of us are at max HP, and I shot first (it usualy takes 3 shot to kill an other tank) the other guy won't blow up after the 3rd hit and he will kill me with his 3rd shot. Also happens to me that I die with 2 tank shots...

Is there any weak spot I'm not awared of ?
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User Info: -MARTIANS-

7 years ago#2
The back is always a weak spot for BF tanks. Shoot a tank (w/a tank) 2 times from behind and it's dead.

Infantry can kill a tank from behind with 1 shot from their rocket launcher if they toss 2 nades under first.

If you learn to drive backwards you live longer as a tanker, because you can keep your strongest armour directed at the enemy. Back off to safety, repair, then enter the battle again with a refreshed tank...

User Info: Merciless_Light

7 years ago#3
Ah! Thanks, after all that time I've spent on BF1943 I suspected something but I didn't know where :)
Currently on, BB CS, Fat P, BF 1943, Trinity Universe

User Info: RedHawk4

7 years ago#4
Well...I don't think it's directly at the back. It's the flat area of the back end of the tank that is the weak spot. One rocket plus two grenades is usually enough to take a tank out if you get the rocket to connect with that spot (even if the enemy tank has full health), or just two cannon blasts from your own tank to the spot should do it.

User Info: Tekken9292

7 years ago#5
Yeah lower backs, and basically the tummy area is always the weak spot for tanks in Battlefield games.

So remember, if a tank is standing at a hill, and you can get a shot on it's tummy, then do it.
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