how do you download punkbuster?

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  3. how do you download punkbuster?

User Info: Crazacer

7 years ago#1
i have accidentally select "disagree" during the punkbuster installation process and i cant seem to find the place to install the punkbuster for BC2. i tried but it didnt work too. where can i install it?

User Info: Bird_Killer

7 years ago#2
If you bought a physical copy of this game, I suggest you look into the DVD and try to find an installation file for Punkbuster. If not, you might just have to reinstall the game.
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User Info: Dodyddd

7 years ago#3
My experience with most PB supported games is that if you say no to the installation dialog for PB during install, you can't really fix that without a total uninstall/reinstall.

User Info: Mkilbride2588

7 years ago#4
Wow, that's stupid as hell to say^

Right there, easy to configure.
A Cat is fine too.
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  3. how do you download punkbuster?

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