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User Info: davelizmaya

7 years ago#1

I can't log in to multiplayer. It keeps telling me to retry. I am using the log in I had for the beta. Do I need to create a new account? thanks

User Info: weepulization

7 years ago#2
ea has been havin login problems, its been happenin to me off and on, just keep tryin
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User Info: DDERME

7 years ago#3

man this game is very disapointing i cant even play multiplayer when i press login it somtimes says cannot connect to EA

when it doesnt say that i can loging to my account i thought EA was better than infinitiy ward they were but at least infinity ward

didnt screaw the game day one.

User Info: neil108

7 years ago#4
I WAS ABLE to log in earlier but now i can't. Just installed the game an hour ago wtf.

User Info: SlteraicA

7 years ago#5
I am also having the same issue. As well as being kicked at random from the game, what gives. We didn't preorder a game not play. I hope they fix this soon :|

User Info: ultraluigi777

7 years ago#6
Ya know on the EA france site before it went down they said servers will be down until 3 am US pacific
Tomorrow meaning about 6 am in the morning for east coast people like me.
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User Info: sschmitzca

7 years ago#7

I can't even believe this... I'm a 33 year old gamer who's been too busy to even try until today, and I can't log in to EA's server? What the hell??!?? I don't have time to work around EA's schedule. I need the game to be available when I have window of time to actually play. This is ridiculous

User Info: avengement

7 years ago#8

Im on the West coast and this was just a terrible time for EA to take down the servers for maintenence. I mean I used to think Blizzard's maintenence sucked for WoW but at least they did it from 3am-11am on Tuesday mornings, not 2pm-12am Friday %^&*ing night!

User Info: liqid101

7 years ago#9
chill ladies, you know dice are sorting it out, just give it time and keep trying, i get the same thing but after 3-4 times of clicking play now i join a game and im playing for hours. Stop whining.
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User Info: PaperBettaFish

7 years ago#10
Unfortunately, DICE/EA, like many companies these days, did not expect the PC version to sell as well as the console version. But it turns out that more people are playing online then both consoles combined (as officially stated). As a result, we got shoddily programmed servers.
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