connection to game server has been lost

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  3. connection to game server has been lost

User Info: Kliffoth

7 years ago#1
Been having this problem while trying to connect to games. It'll act like it's loading then give me that message. Punkbuster is updated and BFBC2 is allowed in firewall. Any suggestions?

User Info: exclusiveburner

7 years ago#2
same here bro.....all day today

last night i got that error, but it allowed me to connect to other games at least and I got in a room and had a lot of fun, but today even when I do connect punkbuster kicks me....its a lose lose situation right now and DICE knows it
E6750@3.0ghz-BFG1GB GTS250-2 gig OCZ Reaper-Gigabyte P35-Vista 64

User Info: illuminatirexx

7 years ago#3
same here, punk buster kicked me, updated punk buster manually, but now i get "connection to server has been lost"...i cant play multiplayer at all because of this

User Info: Guy_with_a_gun

7 years ago#4

User Info: Yogi

7 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Soliex

7 years ago#6
you need to download and update punkbuster. For some reason PB failed to install when I was installing BFBC2, (first day this game came out so there's ought to be bugs). Once you install make sure you find the game with PB and update all files necessary by clicking on the update button. ... php?file=1

User Info: Soliex

7 years ago#7

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  3. connection to game server has been lost

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