Can't install new patch

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User Info: Papadrach

6 years ago#1

I downloaded the orginal bc2 through EA. For the latest patch i ran the BC2 Updater in the folders where i can launch the game. It installed prolly to like 90% (judging by how much of the bar is filled) and then stops. Happened twice in a row now. Left it on over night to download the past 2 nights and i get this without it finishing completely: File not found. There may be an internet connection problem or server is down. Play old version? Then its followed by Yes or no. Why wont it download...

User Info: Agent_StarFire

6 years ago#2

same thing happens to me but its at like 15% download :(

User Info: Hypereia

6 years ago#3
Didn't have any problems myself, might be some sort of cache file you gotta delete. Sort of reminds me of the Steam problems people sometimes have with having to delete clientregistry.blob.

The EA forums would probably be your best bet.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

6 years ago#4
I had this issue for a few days, but updated no problem just the other night.
Unfortunately, my computer was hit with a virus, and I didn't test the game beforehand, but there are some issues with the menu, so I don't know if that's the latest patch or some corrupt files.
Also, a lot of people are having trouble getting online with the latest update, apparently.
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User Info: Agent_StarFire

6 years ago#5

yep instaled it now to but i cant connect to any servers. Anyways i think i found the problem EA master server or watever is down because their site doesnt load, battlefield 2 wont connect, battlefield 2142 demo wont connect, bad company 2 wont connect, lol see a trend? anyways i thikn they are having some maintanence issuess.....or EA just SUCKS

User Info: Agent_StarFire

6 years ago#6

just an update i fixed it all it was just an internet issue

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