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User Info: TurretSyndrome

4 years ago#11
It's apparently an anti-piracy tweak. Anyone who pirates the game will get the lag.

User Info: twobells

4 years ago#12
I am using the Steam game not a pirated version, I should specify, the entire GAME is laggy and unresponsive.
My rig is ultra and this title is the worst optimized game in history bar none, honestly has Demonicon even BEEN optimized?

Seriously disappointed, I was really looking forward to a new rpg IP, first of all they decided that the game would be 'action rpg' (FAIL) now this.

User Info: TurretSyndrome

4 years ago#13
In that case, I guess you just have to wait for a patch. It's probably a memory leak issue.

User Info: Dustyn-Barlow

4 years ago#14
wowjustwow posted...
"Game is literally unplayable. 9/10 - IGN."

I'm pretty sure IGN hasn't scored the game so not sure where your 9/10 came from...

User Info: happybro

4 years ago#15
About the problem of super slow downs during combat (or 1s freezes until a move finishes).
-The only real solution is to either play using a GAMEPAD because the game has problems with the non-American keyboard (the same issue as with Castlevania LoS)
-Switching anti-leasing sometimes helps with situations like this.
-But the easiest way is to tone down the graphical settings like Shadows and ASSO (or whatever was that called. It's about game phisics or decals).
-for NVIDIA users: Go to Nvidia Control Panel and set the graphical card to High Performance Card (depends on your PC/Laptop card.) and additionally go below to the "Texture Filtering - Quality" (or something) and choose PERFORMANCE option. - this makes wonders in all games.

So to sum up: the problem is caused by either problem with translation of non-USA keyboard (if you are EUROPEAN) or by the problems with PHISX drivers (because the game coding was messed up).

And lastly: I hear everywhere that whenever somebody posts that he/she has problems with slow down/laggy combat everyone seem to address this person as a Pirate/cracker/thief etc, BUT from what I read on forums I got that even the gamers who bought the game LEGALLY are having these issues.

I myself have bought the game on Steam and have experienced laggy combat (had to tone down graphics to make game playable).

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